Google Opts For Hybrid Work Model In The Post-Pandemic World

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Google is shifting to a hybrid work model in the post-pandemic world!

The Alphabet-owned tech giant is all set to relax its remote working rules as it prepares for its Googlers to return to physical offices in September.

In an email sent to its employees, Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google, said that he expects close to 60% of the company’s staff to work from the office for a few days a week.

As for the remaining 40%, out of that 20% will be able to relocate to new office locations whilst another 20% can apply to work from home permanently with both the groups observing some salary adjustments.

Earlier in December 2020, Google announced that they are planning to have all of their employees spend at least three days a week in the office. Pichai said that the company’s employees have been coming to the office to solve interesting problems for more than 20 years.

However, seeing how many would prefer to enjoy the greater flexibility that work from home and other similar arrangements offers, Google’s future workplace will have room to incorporate all these possibilities.

Pichai revealed that the search giant would be shifting gears to a hybrid model wherein most employees spend only three days in the office and work from wherever they seem fit for the rest of the two days.

The Alphabet chief further mentioned that nearly 60% of Googlers chose to return to officers in locations where Google has already opened up its offices. And now, Google workers will be allowed to temporary work for 4 weeks per year from a location of their choice other than their assigned workplace.

However, Pichai also said that a handful of employees might be needed at their office more than 3 days per week because of the scope and nature of their job.

To make its hybrid work model possible, Google is planning to include ‘Team Pods’, which will consist of movable furniture and inflatable walls designed to provide privacy to employees. The Mountain View, California based tech giant, will also create ‘Campfire’ conference rooms that will help bring physical and virtual participants together. Besides that, the company offices will have open-air tents set up on parking lots and lawns.

The Alphabet-owned tech giant was one of the first U.S. based tech firms to shut down its offices in its homefront and other parts when the COVID-19 struck. The company directed Googlers to work from home until 2020 but then went on to extended the deadline to September 2020 eventually.

Other tech behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter also asked their employees to work from home last year and let them decide if they wanted to adopt the WFH model for what duration.

In March, British Airways also announced that they are shifting to the hybrid work model by allowing their employees to split their working lives between their home base and office.

Now it remains to be seen how this new normal for the white-collar impacts the overall productivity of the companies. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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