5 Signs That Your Employee Training Program Needs To Evolve

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For a business to survive in these unprecedented times, having a skilled workforce is paramount. Businesses that promote a culture of continuous learning rather than just training employees during onboarding enjoy the benefits of a workforce that is ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

But as the situation evolves, so should your employee training program. It doesn’t mean you should completely dump your existing training program and create a new one (unless it has proven to be completely ineffective in helping employees grow). It just needs to be revamped.

To ensure employees stay abreast with the changes in the industry and technology, your training program must be upgraded to ensure it is relevant. You can assess your current training process and look for the following signs to determine whether or not you need a better training program:

  1. Sign #1 : Your training program is not flexible

If your training process involves gathering employees at a fixed location at a fixed time, it makes employees compromise on work and then work long hours to finish up that work. This lack of flexibility can make it difficult for them to balance work and learning.

Instead of providing training the traditional way, go for a cloud-based learning management solution like Mind flash. A very popular employee training software, Mind flash allows a company to provide online learning solutions to employees. Online learning provides flexibility to learn at any time of the day from anywhere.

  1. Sign #2 : You’re not making the program easily accessible

Employees should not be restricted to learn only from a computer. If due to work they are not able to learn at the workplace, they should be able to learn at home. If your training program is not easily accessible on all kinds of devices, employees may not make the optimum use of it. 

Today, the learners need modern solutions that are easily accessible and save their time. Providing them m-learning through a mobile-compatible LMS is a great way to ensure the training program is easily available on all kinds of devices whenever they need to learn.

  1. Sign #3 : The training content is overwhelming the employees

A highly complex training program with an overload of information can overwhelm the employees. It makes it difficult for them to gain much knowledge from it. Moreover, it can become challenging for them to finish it.

Make sure the training content is simplified and the language used is easy-to-understand. The concepts should allow employees to learn easily in the fastest possible way. This will help in increasing the rate of course completion.

  1. Sign #4 : There is no employee growth

Noticing no change in employee performance is a big sign that your training program needs to be revamped. Training helps employees learn better ways to do their job. It also enhances their knowledge by helping them learn new skills.

This could mean that the employees don’t find the course relevant to their job roles. This happens when a company fails to identify employee learning needs, hence the course does not fulfil these needs.

  1. Sign #5 : Employees are not engaging with the training content

If you notice that the employees are not engaging with the training content, it means the training program is not fun. Making learning fun and interactive ensures employees are able to connect with the training content. 

You can upgrade your training program and make it engaging by using gamification features. Another great way is breaking down the course content in smaller modules. This makes it easy to digest the information and has higher recall value.


Companies need to give up on outdated training processes and start using technology to simplify it. Using a LMS can automate the process of delivery of online courses and make it easy to track employee learning progress as well.


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