Does Your Car Brand Figure in The Elite List? Consumer Report Lets You Know!

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Car buff? On the lookout for the best brands around for a fresh buy? Fear not, because this interesting new report has you sorted.

Consumer Reports has just come out with its closely followed annual list, a report card that rates which car brands make the best vehicles.  

The rankings, which have been factored in after inspecting the individual scores for each model, have used a robust category metric.


The recommendations for the best vehicles available for sale – taking reliability data, customer satisfaction, testing, and sustainability under consideration, have all helped in rounding out the brand’s overall score.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Consumer Reports’ car brand Report Card this year was a hubbub of activity. There was a fair bit of rejigging, where some brands managed to climb up the rankings ladder while others had to shimmy down based on the individual models presented within the brands’ line-up.

Topping the grade card was Mazda, with 80 overall points to its name. Keeping its focus teemed on mainstream buyers, Mazda was able to best out more expensive brands on the list like Tesla, BMW, and Jaguar.

Coming second and grabbing the second spot in this year’s grade card was German auto-car maker BMW, with a total of 78 points against the brand’s name.


Subaru, a consistent performer through the better part of the last decade due to its small SUV offerings, rounded off the top three with a total of 76 points.

In the brands that figure in the top 5 on the Report Card, Porsche made the cut again, as did Honda. Showed significant improvement by increasing 10 spots to spring into the top 5, Honda’s models were aided in no small part by improved reliability.

Chrysler and Buick also made huge inroads into the top 10 due to continued improvements in their product offerings.

Those inroads were nudged along by the slips of luxury brands Genesis and Lincoln, who registered the biggest drops because of what the score deemed to be subpar predicted reliability.

Looking closely, the bottom line on the year’s Report Card comes out to be this – It is the improvements in reliability, safety, and interior technologies that have enabled mainstream vehicles to close in on luxury cars.

Also, in order for a brand to rise atop the rankings, they need to put in a consistent performance across their line-up. The spots of all the brands are incredibly hard-earned.

Another thing to keep a note of in the Report Card is that for inclusion in the card, brands needed to have at least two models tested by Consumer Report. Since Fiat couldn’t muster the minimum number this year, it was saved the ignominy of being the lowest-ranked this year, a position which is held by Alfa Romeo on this year’s card.

Consumer Reports’ much appreciated new designation for 2021 also included the Green Choice. A label given to vehicles that are among the top 20% of all for giving out the lowest carbon emissions and environmental pollutants, it was applied to arrive at the overall score of every brand in the mix, and rightly so.

The idea behind releasing the Report Card annually is that no single attribute makes a car truly great by itself. That’s why Consumer Report puts their Auto Test Centre, spread across a spacious 327 acres in rural Connecticut to good use.

By putting more than 50 vehicles per year through its paces, and driving those hundreds of miles, Consumer Report has always used a rigorous group of data and consumer-driven assessments to endeavour to give out the best insights needed to make a smart auto purchase.

So make sure to have a peek at the Consumer Reports finding before choosing your next motor brand. It deserves to be claimed by the best.

Ride along and stay tuned for more updates!


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