$40,000 Tesla Cybertruck is dead before the launch itself: Musk blames external factors

The much-awaited $40,000 Tesla Cybertruck will never become a reality. Elon Musk blamed external factors behind that has forced the company to hike the price. However, even after making the world wait for more than three years, he still has no date for the launch.

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The Tesla Cybertruck, that made Elon Musk embarrassed at the unveiling event, is back in the news again. And, it’s highly disappointing.

Elon Musk, chief of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), is famous for his unpredictive nature and style of work, whether accepting Bitcoin as payment and cancelling it later, or abruptly backing off from a Billion-dollar Twitter deal. The multi-billionaire entrepreneur always surprises the audience with his bold moves, and this time he has done it again with the much-awaited Tesla Cybertruck. 

On Aug 5, Musk organised a Tesla Shareholder Meeting revealing the date of release and price of the viral Cybertruck to be changed.

The alteration in the price of Cybertruck didn’t surprise many. Just a few days back, the company removed the price information of the Cybertruck from the official website, which hinted people about the change.

In 2019, Tesla Cybertruck made headlines when Musk promised to deliver the durable and bulletproof cybertruck for just $39,900, which anyone could pre-order for $99. 

But in the recent meeting, the world’s richest billionaire entrepreneur blames inflation for the price hike, saying “a lot has changed” since we announced the price in 2019.

I think there’s no way to have anticipated quite the inflation that we’ve seen, but I can say that the Cybertruck will be one helluva product. It’s going to be like a damn fine machine,” says Musk

Investors and customers who pre-ordered the truck were also concerned about the delayed production and upset that even after missing the delivery date there were no updates about the launch date. 

Musk indicated it would take a couple of months before the Cybertruck hit the market. He said the truck is in the final production stages but never revealed the official launch date. However, the news around Cybertruck is not positive, and it is believed to take another year before it’s officially available for sale. 

Tesla Cybertruck: A dream since Nov 2019

Almost three years back, in the early stage of the pandemic, musk unveiled the company’s first electric pickup truck in a viral video on YouTube that immediately attracted millions of eyes balls with a price tag of $39,900; it was surely believed to be as revolutionary as Tesla.

Of course, we cannot forget the incident when the glass demo went wrong. Musk asked his subordinate to hit the truck’s door glass with an iron ball to showcase its durability, but to his surprise, the glass shattered into pieces. Eventually, it was widely covered for that mishappening and gained a lot of free publicity.

Leaving the incident behind, the Cybertruck was jampacked with features impossible to find in the price range that Musk offered. 

  • Tesla’s Cyber Truck is dent-proof; even after hitting with a giant hammer, it showed no signs of dents, scratches, or damaged paint. 
  • It’s bullet-proofed and made with thick glass that can hold multiple rounds of firing. 
  • Comes with a huge deck space that can easily hold and charge your ATV.
  • It’s electric and supports super speed charging. 

All these features made it immediately loved by people and believed to be another revolutionary product by Tesla that would change people’s conception of the truck. 

Then the Pandemic came, and the virality vanished! Of course, people who invested were always concerned, but in a general sense, the Cybertruck almost immediately lost his headlines. 

However, Musk’s recent revival and a strong belief in his innovation is hope to many, but the suspense is intimidating. 

The bottom line 

What’s the takeaway here?

The Tesla’s Cybertruck is a dream project for Musk and his team. But then, external factors like the pandemic, Inflation, and the Russia-Ukraine war have deeply affected the supply chain and pricing. That caused a delay in production and increased the promised price. 

There are no official announcements of the release date and price yet. Also, the news around Cybertruck is not very positive. Predicting anything would be shooting arrows in the dark. 

One thing is certain; the $40,000 Tesla Cybertruck which was promised by Musk is no more going to become a reality! But, it doesn’t mean that the Tesla cybertruck is dead completely; sooner or later, it will hit the market, but in the future, we must do our research before simply believing and investing in whatever Musk says.


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