Reliance Jio And Airtel Both Grab Top Spot In Customer Experience [Study]

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What do winning brands have in common that the less successful ones don’t? It’s merely the fact that they adhere to the age-old principle – ‘Customer Is King’ and strive towards delivering their consumers the best possible experience.

In a recent study conducted by Kantar – a consulting firm – brands such as Jio, Netflix, Airtel, Apple emerged as winners in the field of customer experience. 

The firm’s findings came from over 6,000 responses of customers from across 13 Indian cities at the beginning of 2020 and have recently been published as a study named ‘Kantar CX+’ study.

Let’s break down the scores of the winning brands and find out what exactly made them stand out from the competition.

In the telecom and network provider space, a tie was observed between Jio and its rival Bharati Airtel. Both of these telecom giants successfully grabbed the first spot as they were able to record 1.5x more engagement with their customers than their competitors which grabbed the lower end of the index.

According to Kantar’s study, both Jio and Bharati Airtel delivered on their customer’s wants in the areas of connectivity, pricing as well as customer support. The study also highlighted how the likelihood of their customers remaining loyal to them (by 1.5x) and recommending them (1.6x) have also increased.

In the field of consumer technology, Apple emerged as the top brand when it came to customer experience seconded by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. When it comes to the third place on the index, once again there was a tie. Both OnePlus and Samsung shared the third position.

Kantar’s study pointed out how Apple has 1.8x more engagement levels than the brands that came after it and thus customers are most certainly more likely to both remain loyal to the brand and recommend it to others.

In this particular category, other than the functionality of the smartphone devices itself, some of the deciding factors which played a significant role in the analysis of the scores were – physical store experience, successful delivery of the brand’s promise and being overall customer-centric.

Subsequently, in the segment of digital streaming – both audio and video – Netflix emerged as the winning brand by scoring 1.8x higher engagement with their customers on Kantar’s index while Amazon Prime came second. 

None of the digital audio streaming services could make it to the top in this segment against the OTT aka over‐the‐top video streaming platforms as their positioning in the Indian market is yet to be solidified. 

According to the study, some of the key attributes which were taken into consideration while finalising the scores in the streaming segment are – value for money, download or buffer speed, ease of access and in-app customer experience.

Lastly, in the satellite service providers’ index, it was Tata Sky which emerged as the winning brand.

Kantar, via this study, aimed to highlight how Customer Experience Index, aka CX, is becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to retaining customers. Thus all companies big and small must divert their attention to this area by moving away from all other vanity metrics. 

The lockdown fueled by the worldwide pandemic witnessed large clusters of consumers starting to use digital services in their day to day lives. It led to an increased number of issues in the areas of customer support and overall user experience. Therefore, now is a crucial time for brands to focus on customer experience by not only dealing with such issues effectively but also maintain brand loyalty.

How is your experience with any of the above brands you have been using services from? Does it match the above ratings and listing? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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