Clash of Titans: Airtel Takes Quality Crown, But Jio Leaves Airtel in Dust in 5G Availability and Overall Download Speed

As these telecom titans race to outdo each other, customers are the ultimate beneficiaries, enjoying ever-improving services and experiences. Whether it's streaming on-demand or live videos, or diving into immersive mobile gaming, Airtel sets a new standard. But Jio leaves Airtel in dust in 5G availability.

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Airtel and Jio, the dynamic duo ruling the Indian telecom sector, are locked in an exhilarating battle to offer the finest 5G services to their ever-demanding customers. The recent report from Opensignal’s “Mobile Network Experience” paints a fascinating glimpse into this fierce rivalry.

Airtel outperformed Reliance Jio by delivering the highest-quality experience to its users across all mobile networks, including 5G. This superior experience encompasses a wide range of activities, from streaming on-demand and live videos to immersive mobile gaming. In contrast, Jio has surged ahead in terms of 5G availability and download speed, making it a formidable contender in this high-stakes race for telecom supremacy.

Opensignal collected data between June 1 and August 29, 2023.

Let’s take a deep dive into the report!

Airtel Claims Quality Crown

In the quest to provide top-notch quality, Airtel reigns supreme. Whether it’s streaming on-demand or live video, or diving into immersive mobile gaming, Airtel sets a new standard. Airtel has achieved a remarkable score of 74.2 in the 5G Video Experience on a scale ranging from 0 to 100. In a closely competitive second place, Jio secured a score of 72.4.

In simple terms, Airtel gives you the best seat in the house for streaming videos.

Airtel doesn’t simply settle for excellence in the on-demand 5G Video Experience; it also maintains the lead with an impressive score of 66.8 points in the 5G Live Video experience for its users. However, Jio isn’t far behind, securing a score of 66.1 points.

In the current digital era, the on-demand video streaming from platforms like Netflix and YouTube, alongside the dynamic world of live streaming, has become the lifeblood of smartphone users. What adds an exciting dimension to this narrative is the fierce rivalry between Airtel and Jio, vying to outshine each other in delivering top-tier 5G video quality.

In the world of video gaming, a beloved pastime among teenagers and young adults, Airtel is clearly winning hearts.

Airtel reigns supreme in the 5G Games Experience category, boasting an impressive score of 79.6 points on a 100-point scale, outpacing Jio by 1.6 points. It’s worth highlighting that both operators fall within the “Good” category (75-85), indicating that the gaming experience they offer is not just acceptable but highly satisfactory for most users.

In addition, Airtel also outpaced Jio in the 5G Voice App Experience, albeit with just a 0.9-point difference. Airtel scored 82.8 points on a 100-point scale, while Jio secured 81.9 points. These scores place both operators in the “Good” category (80-87), implying that the majority of users are delighted with their experience. The 5G Voice App Experience metric measures how smartphone users perceive over-the-top voice apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger when used on an operator’s 5G network.

Jio’s 5G Availability Triumph

Airtel users are undoubtedly pleased with their superior video and gaming experiences. However, Jio has made substantial headway in establishing a firm grip on download speeds and 5G availability throughout India.

Jio proudly claims the title of the fastest average overall download speeds, clocking in at a swift 52.9 Mbps, with an even more impressive 306.3 Mbps in the 5G category. To put this in perspective, Jio’s overall download speed is a whopping 98.9% faster than Airtel’s, which lags at 26.6 Mbps. Even on the 5G network, Jio maintains its edge with a download speed of 272.7 Mbps, a 12.3% faster speed than Airtel.

Jio’s average download speed leaves its competitors in the dust, nearly doubling the download speed experienced by Airtel users and surpassing Vi users by a staggering 3.4 times. In contrast, BSNL users find themselves at the tail end of the spectrum, reporting the lowest Download Speed Experience at a mere 3.4Mbps.

Having lightning-fast average 5G download speeds is undoubtedly the best one can expect from its telecom provider. However, it’s only appreciable and valuable when users can consistently access a 5G connection. Opensignal’s 5G Availability metric gauges the proportion of time that 5G users are actively connected to a 5G network. The higher the percentage, the more time users on a network spend enjoying the benefits of 5G.

Jio won the 5G Availability category, with its 5G users now spending nearly half of their time with an active 5G connection.

Jio’s 5G Availability score has risen markedly, from 32.5% between December 1, 2022 and February 28, 2023, to 49.1% between June 1, 2023 and August 29, 2023. On the other hand, Airtel’s 5G Availability has increased from 11.4% to 16.1% during the same period.

In a Nutshell

The thrilling competition between Airtel and Jio is not just about corporate rivalry; it’s a boon for users. As these telecom titans race to outdo each other, customers are the ultimate beneficiaries, enjoying ever-improving services and experiences. The journey continues, and the road ahead promises even more exciting innovations in Indian telecommunications. So, whether you’re a fervent gamer, a video streaming enthusiast, or a communication app aficionado, rest assured that Airtel and Jio are committed to delivering the best in the 5G era.


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