Latest Google Chrome Browser Update Costs Both Time And Money!

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Chrome, one of our most beloved browsers from the family of Google Web-Based Apps has recently been the cause of crashing several enterprise networks for almost two whole days.

Google Chrome updates are generally looked forward to as they bring a flurry of new features and resource-saving fixes but this wasn’t the case when recently this week Google was found fiddling with Chrome!

This new Google Chrome update which is being called ‘WebContents Occlusion’ happened to suspend tabs in the browser whenever one moved to a different window on the machine over the top of the browser. Its main intent was to free-up resources on the laptop or pc Chrome is being used on but instead ended up majorly crashing the devices and machines it was being deployed on.

For everyone who relies on web-based tools, it is well known that it is rather difficult to instantly switch to a different browser by closing everything you were working on. A lot of businesses that heavily rely on google’s web-based applications had to suffer the toll of Google’s lousy Chrome update. 

The ‘experiment’ which led to Google Chrome acting differently on Windows Server

Businesses, especially IT-based solutions businesses mint money by the second, and therefore, not being able to access the internet via Chrome for around 2 hours approximately had a huge impact on them financially.

Though Google Chrome users who were on their smartphones, tabs or home personal computers weren’t affected by this. It only affected users who run Chrome on a Windows Server which is a very common practice in enterprise networks.

How Google Chrome Update Issue Resolved?

Google has finally addressed this bug and was quick to roll out a fix to mitigate this issue. So the latest issue of Chrome is most likely to solve this bug if you’re someone who has been affected by this.

Though the WebContents Occlusion update was allegedly tested and tried out for months in something called ‘Google Canary’ which lets you test beta versions of updates before it’s rolled out for the masses. This only goes further to prove even giant tech spearheads like Google are susceptible to human errors and that’s something that always needs to be accounted for in every project. We hope that the fix that has been rolled out has taken care of your woes with the unstable bug and that Google may keep updating Chrome with newer and better fixes that add to our benefits and not to our worries. 

Google Chrome is the undisputed leader in the browser market. With a nearly two-thirds share of the worldwide web browser market, Chrome is only strengthening its presence in the market as internet users are finding more options for the ease of internet browsing on Chrome as compared with other browsers. Apple’s Safari comes second with a little over 15% browser market share while Microsoft IE – once the market leader – has almost lost all its charm and continues to crash, accounting for just 2.2% of the worldwide web browser market.


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