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Google To Launch A New Chrome Feature That Prevent Users From Getting Tracked Online

Google Chrome malicious ad blockers
If you are among the ones who are cant refrain from using Chrome browser but don't like advertising firms peeping into your digital life through cookies, here is a good news for you! Google is all set to release some new tool that will allow Chrome users to restrict companies to track your digital activities.The soon to be released...

Google Needs You To Update Chrome Browser Right Now, And here is why!

Google Chrome browser update
If you are using Google Chrome, this post is for you! And, it requires immediate action!!Update Chrome browser right now!! and save your OS. Google identified a "Zero-Day" vulnerability that could directly throw in and run malicious code impulsively into your operating system. Google named the threat as "Zero-day" vulnerability because the malefic works of hackers are executed in zero...

Privacy Tip Off – Google Quietly Syncs Your Data When You Log Into Any Of Its Service!

Google chrome 69
Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL), despite its clean slate reputation, has found itself in a tight spot over a recent change!Recent revelations circle around a scoop that with Google Chrome 69 if one person logs into any Google service such as Gmail or YouTube, that will automatically sync them into the browser. Yes, this means that Google servers, under...

Is Google Intentionally Retarding YouTube Performance on Non-Chrome Browsers?

Youtube slow load mozilla browsers
Is Google (Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL)) curtailing down YouTube algorithms on non-Chrome browsers? If the above hearsay is true, then the world can watch while "Net Neutrality" can suffer a slow-death!Mozilla’s software technical program manager, Chris Peterson, put fire ablaze with an allegation by tweeting about how Google is defying the whole concept of net neutrality.As per the reports, YouTube is...

Google Chrome To Solve The Biggest And Overrated Challenge for Internet Users

Google Chrome security
The unfathomable dilemma of internet security has lately been haunting the tech firms of silicon valley. The internet giant Google has apparently acknowledged the security concerns and has stepped up to fix the issue to a certain extent. The search engine giant Google is dropping the secure indicator from all HTTPS sites on its eponymous web browser Chrome. Google...

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