Samsung May Kill Galaxy S And Galaxy Note Series Next Year!

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Yes, you read it right! Samsung could kill Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series in early next year. But, wait! Before you rush to trade-in sites to evaluate your Galaxy S series current value in a bid to get rid of it, let us tell you, it’s just the name of the series that may not go end of life, and not the S Series devices.

Samsung could possibly merge its Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note series early next year. The differentiating line between both the types of devices has been fading slowly. The only major advantage Galaxy Note series devices have over Galaxy S Series is S-Pen. As the company generally launch a new Note series smartphone within 6-month of launching a new Galaxy S Series smartphone, customers frequently find themselves in a state of confusion in a bid to buy the best Samsung device launched recently.

According to the sources cited by @evleaks Samsung, is actively evaluating the benefits of merging both the series. If the Korean smartphone giant finds merit in taking a step ahead, it may result in a new series that would offer the best of both worlds. Rumoured as “Galaxy One“, the new series would offer all the devices of the series with top offerings, including S-Pen.

End of Galaxy S And Note: All About Foldable

Undoubtedly it makes sense and mindful of management in Seol clearly understand that it’s time to create a place for the foldable smartphones – the next way of smartphones which is tagged as ‘the future of the smartphone‘, widely.

Samsung has already launched its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold early this year. The latest reports are claiming that the company is gearing up for the launch of another mysterious foldable smartphone early next year. Hence, having three multiple devices from multiple series in the same segment would definitely create a lot of confusion for customers.

Despite all such possibilities and justifications, nothing could be said for sure. This is not the first time when reports on Samsung’s plans to realign its lineups have surfaced. The company considered to merge its lineup earlier too, but the news didn’t result in any action though.

The strong sales of Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series devices have always helped the company to account for a lion’s share of the worldwide smartphone shipment every quarter. The Korean smartphone giant has been maintaining its dominant position in the premium as well as overall smartphone market for a quite some and Galaxy S and Note Series devices have played a vital role in the success of the company. In Q2 2019, Samsung accounted for 22.66% of the worldwide smartphone shipment, led by Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

The scenario, however, has been challenging for Samsung pretty fast. The increasing penetration of Huawei, the new path-breaking foldable smartphone from Huawei and estimated strong sales of newly launched iPhone 11 could make Samsung run for its money.


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