Worldwide Smartphone Shipment Share by Vendor, By Quarter

The below graph represents the quarterly distribution of the worldwide smartphone shipment share by vendors, starting from Q1 2011 to Q3 2019. Samsung and Huawei continued to dominate the global smartphone market, with 21.8% and 18.6% share, respectively.

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The above graph represents the worldwide smartphone shipment share by vendors, starting from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter. Samsung and Huawei continued to dominate the global smartphone market in Q3 2019, with a 21.8% and 18.6% share, respectively, according to IDC. Apple and Xiaomi are losing their grip in the global smartphone market.

Global Smartphone Market: History

Graph ID314
DurationCY Q1 2011 – Q3 2019

The share of Apple tanked to three years low as the worldwide sales of the iPhone reached a disappointing level. Apple sold 33.8 million units of iPhones to account for just a 10.1% share of the total smartphone shipped worldwide in Q2 2019. It was Q1 2019 when Apple lost its second position in the global smartphone market to Huawei and slipped to the third position.

The commendable performance of Huawei continues in Q2 2019 as well. The Chinese smartphone major once again claimed the second position with an impressive 17.6% share of the worldwide smartphone shipment.

Huawei’s share increased 7% point in the last one year as the smartphone shipped increased over 50% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019.

Xiaomi smartphone shipment share in Q2 2019 improved with a negligible margin as compared to the previous year.

The share of Vivo and Oppo in worldwide smartphone shipment remains flat in Q1 and Q2 2019. Despite accounting a sizeable share of the market, both the Chinese players are yet to account for the shipment share in double-digit.

Over 50% of the worldwide smartphone shipment in Q1 2019 was accounted by the top three – Samsung, Huawei and Apple – alone. While Samsung’s struggle to safeguard its ground continues, Huawei continues to strengthen its ground at the cost of Samsung and Apple. Despite raking in billions in profits, sales of the iPhone continue to decline and it’s very much evident from the fact that in Q1 2019 Apple’s worldwide smartphone shipment share reached the lowest percentage in the last three years.

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