Huawei Mate X, The Foldable Phone, Would Be Launched In September!

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When Samsung announced Galaxy Fold earlier this year, the many believed that the year 2019 would belong to foldable smartphones. Huawei was quick too with the announcement of Mate X, the world’s fastest 5G smartphone. And, then all of sudden all the buzz faded off, especially after the debacle with Galaxy Fold. Even Huawei went on silent mode leaving people to believe that Mate X has also encountered issues something similar to Galaxy Fold.

Refuting all the claims and rumours, Huawei has confirmed that the launch of Mate X foldable smartphone is very much on track. Vincent Pang, President of Huawei’s Western Europen Region, has revealed that the launch of Huawei Mate X would definitely take place latest by September this year. He didn’t shy away from revealing that the launch could possibly happen earlier than expected.

After Samsung recalled all Galaxy Fold smartphones after the early reviewers found a major technical glitch in the device, Huawei decided to go slowly with the Mate X. People started believing that Huawei Mate X has met the same fate as Galaxy Fold, and may never be launched, at least not in 2019.

Refuting all such claims Vincent has clarified that the delay is not because of any possible technical glitch found in Huawei’s first foldable smartphone – Mate X. He blamed the slow rollout of 5G across the globe which is essential for the success of the first foldable smartphone of Huawei.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold which was scheduled to be launched in two variants – 4G and 5G both – Huawei Mate X would be available only in the 5G variant. Hence, it all makes sense for Huawei to go slowly considering the recent challenges the company is facing in rolling out 5G networks in many countries due to the trade ban imposed by the US.

But the launch of Mate X is still surrounded by many questions difficult to find answers for as of now. The big question that is looming large is, will Google’s decision to revoke the license of Android OS for Huawei devices impact the launch of Mate X?

Quite unlikely!

Android ban on Huawei is applicable only on the new models of smartphones Huawei is going to make. Mate X was already announced before Trump signed the executive order to ban Huawei from having trade relationships with any of the US-based companies.

Still, there is some confusion as the device is yet to be launched.

How the market would respond to Huawei Mate X, it is a bit too early to say considering there is no historical data to craft opinion. Besides, the device is quite different from Galaxy Fold and folds its screen outside.

But, that’s not all Huawei is up to. The company is reportedly working on another foldable smartphone as the recent patent filing has revealed. Certainly, 2019 doesn’t belong to foldable smartphones but considering the leaks, rumours and patent filings that have come to light, foldable smartphones would play an instrumental role in the success of leading smartphone OEMs next year. As all the leading smartphone manufacturers, including Google, Apple, Samsung and Oppo, are already working on their foldable smartphone, the market is poised to grow with a faster rate in the next few years. It is estimated that foldable smartphones would account for 12% of the global smartphone market by 2022.


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