Microsoft May Ditch Windows For The New ‘Modern OS’

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The new Microsoft OS could be one of the most exciting operating systems the company has built ever. It is quite evident with the features showcased during the recently held Computex Conference.

Computex Conference is one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world that is held every year. And this year there is big news from Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) about its new operating system. Of course, there is no official confirmation yet; the company dropped a few big hints in the conference that prove that the company is indeed up to something exciting in terms of its new operating system.

Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President – Consumer & Device Sales of Microsoft, talked about future ambitions and showcased a new vision of the company, yesterday. He mainly talked about a ‘modern operating system‘; it could be the rumoured Microsoft Lite OS or maybe something else. He also disclosed about how Microsoft is working for the upcoming devices.


The New Microsoft OS: Modern OS

The new Microsoft OS, dubbed as Modern OS, will provide a set of “enablers” and “delighters,” taking care of things such as seamless security updates by default that protects the users and OS from malicious attacks, sustained performance and constant connectivity with 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi, so users never have to worry about a dead spot.

Microsoft visualizes a world where most or all devices are cloud-connected. These devices will use the computing power of the cloud to enhance user’s experiences and utilize Artifical Intelligence (AI) to remain updated and grow smarter to cater to the ever-changing needs and usage of device users. The modern OS will have the ability to fit on several form factors, and inputs from pens, touch and even gaze.

Microsoft is now promising that modern OS updates will be invisibly done in the background; the update experience will be deterministic, reliable, and instant with no interruptions.

Security will be improved via compartmentalization of states and apps, which will help protect against attacks, it will more cloud-powered.

Irrespective of the device you use, your application will have your account, your login, your data, and your most recent state of work. Applications will be the channel through the device being used and all things will be apart, kept safe by degrees of separation.


The new Microsoft OS can recommend apps or actions based on the users’ interest more like YouTube does by recommending videos or Android does for smartphones by recommending apps and games.

Missing Windows OS

The most interesting part of the disclosure was the ‘absence of Windows OS‘. Nick never used the word “Windows OS” instead was constantly referring to the upcoming OS as “Modern OS”. This may sound strange to users but the new OS might not be Windows. It could be something else or maybe a Lite version of Windows OS. Whatever it is, it will involve seamless updates, security improvements, 5G connectivity, cloud-powered apps, new form factors, and AI support. And surely it will be something revolutionary and exciting to be looked at.

Earlier this month, during the Microsoft’s Build Conference, rumours about the company’s plans related to dual-screen devices and Windows Lite started making rounds. However, nothing unfolded and it does feel like a lack of information about the future of Windows OS. Besides, after the company rolled back the new update to Windows 10 in October last year there is no notification on the next major Windows 10 update.

So far Microsoft has just given some clues about the new Microsoft OS but nothing is official yet. Whatever their future plans may be, the new, so-called, Modern OS seems to have quite a number of exciting features to offer.


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