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Can Microsoft’s Upcoming Phone Help Windows Phone OS Rise From the Ashes?

Microsoft Windows Phone
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been struggling with its Windows phone for a very long time. They made several failed efforts to grab a sizable chunk of the smartphone market by riding on the back of its flagship devices like Nokia Lumia series and the latest HP Elite X3. However, Android and iOS devices continue to rule the market. According...

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 OS Now Powers 24.4% Of Windows Phones: Nokia 520 Is The Most Popular Windows Phone !

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is leaving no stone unturned in it effort to rapidly promote its Windows Phone OS. Although the global market share of Windows Phone still languishes at just 2.5%, the Windows Phone 8.1 OS is showing promising signs of growth. Several large and small OEM vendors, including HTC Corp (TPE:2498), Micromax and Prestigo, have recently launched few smartphone...

Samsung To Launch The SM-W750V Windows Phone With A 5-inch Display At $750 ?

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:005935) has, apparently, not given up on the Windows Phone because the company is reportedly testing a new 5-inch-display Smartphone powered by Windows Phone OS to launch in India. According to a recent import data leak, Samsung has shipped 25 SM-W750V Smartphones to India for R&D (Research & Development) purposes in late November. The Korean...

Windows 8 Market Share: 20 Millions Licenses Sold Since November But “XP” Still Stands Strong

Despite of aggressive marketing by Microsoft and warm market response Windows 8 market share is witnessing slow appreciation. Interestingly, users are still showing more confidence in Windows XP OS as more than 42% of Windows OS users are showing their back to all successors of XP OS.Just a few weeks before, Google announced that it would remove support for Microsoft’s ‘Exchange ActiveSync...

Windows 8 Release Preview In June: Can Microsoft Address Two Worlds By A Single OS ?

On Monday, Microsoft confirmed “release preview” for the latest version of Windows 8 OS, scheduled in the first week of June this year. An official declaration was done by Windows unit president—Steven Sinofsky—at Windows Developer Days event in Japan. At the event, the company also demonstrated its two earlier test releases including a “consumer preview”, which was previously released...

Are You Still Stuck With Windows XP And Office 2003?

As the world shifted from 20th to the 21st century, just a year ahead, Microsoft launched its Windows XP version in 2001 worldwide. Really, that was the time for traditional PC devices, but thereafter, trend moved to laptop, and now, it’s proceeding to “ultrabook” and so on. The company has celebrated the ten years completion anniversary of its Windows...

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