Amazon Acquires Eero To Strengthen Its Smart Home Offerings

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For some time now Amazon has been leaving no stone unturned to rule the domestic smart devices market with its fancy smart home endeavour. Now, to strengthen its market presence, the company has added another cosy feather into its glamorous hat by acquiring Eero – a San Francisco based three-year-old mesh Wi-Fi router company known for making the domestic Wi-Fi systems easier.

With Eero Wi-Fi at home, Amazon Alexa offers better control over your smart connected devices. For an Alexa user, it becomes easy to set up Alexa compatible devices if Amazon controls the router technology. Along with the variety of functionalities in its platter, like Alexa – the voice assistant, coupled with Echo – the Bluetooth speaker, Ring – the home security system of WiFi-enabled video doorbells, alarm clocks, devices exclusive for kids, a style assistant and Fire TV the Amazon streaming services, Amazon now offers Eero – the home Wi-Fi router in the cord.

Eero’s Unique specifications:

“If anything, we’re just going to strengthen our commitment to both privacy and security,” as quoted by Eero CEO Nick Weaver.

Eero is very exclusive in its functions, that it could be suffused into one’s home to avoid “dead zones” that would appear predominantly in a single router system. Eero further emphasised that it would never change its privacy policy despite being acquired by the tech giant.


What could be its privacy policy?.

To be more gentle and concise, Eero won’t record or keep track of the customer activity on the internet.

Sounds Fabb right? Wait!

It has got another benign service that is Eero Plus subscription service, which has the capability to encrypt your network traffic. And those customers not availing this particular premium subscription could have their information being routed to Eero’s security partner, Zscaler as before. As data privacy is one of the quality standards of Eero since the evolution of the company.

The three key principles, as stated in the blog post by Eero, encompasses, “right to privacy”, “actively minimize download data”, and finally “the utmost security“. The customers obviously do have every right on their data over the network so it is made transparent about what data is being collected, how it is being used and gives the customer the whole control over their private data. The normal network diagnostic data gathered will only be used to improve performance, security, and reliability, it added. Moreover, Eero will “actively minimize” the amount of data it can download over the web at the maximum. It has got the vital function to protect the user’s data with “the utmost security.”


These specific customized functions would continue to optimise the system even after the acquisition. Eero clearly and strongly mentioned this in its blog post.

Got a Fancy Offer!!

Amazon and Eero have come up with the opening offer of $100 less on its second-generation devices, albeit applicable for today only. The package of devices in the Eero’s $400 bundle comprises of one second-generation Eero hub and two Eero beacons. Indeed it’s a must-have hardware package to fill an apartment or a small home to avoid blind spots of connectivity.

Getting added to Amazon’s family, Eero assured to provide perfect connectivity in every home and transform it into a true smart home. In return, Amazon assured to give Eero the “autonomous zone” that would facilitate Eero to exist as its own entity within Amazon similar to Ring and Blink that have been showcasing their own independencies under the Tech Giant’s canopy.


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