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Amazon Acquires Eero To Strengthen Its Smart Home Offerings

eero acquisition by Amazon
For some time now Amazon has been leaving no stone unturned to rule the domestic smart devices market with its fancy smart home endeavour. Now, to strengthen its market presence, the company has added another cosy feather into its glamorous hat by acquiring Eero - a San Francisco based three-year-old mesh Wi-Fi router company known for making the domestic Wi-Fi...

Dell Is Considering A New Deal That Could Result In One Of The Largest IPOs Of All Time

Dell IPO deal
In an interesting new turn of events, Dell Technologies may be considering a massive IPO to become a publicly traded company once again according to some reports. If this were to happen, Dell IPO may very well be one of the biggest IPOs in history.To understand Dell's current situation and plans, it is important to be well versed in...

Flipkart Employees To Become Millionaires As Walmart To Buy ESOPs

Walmart buying Flipkart ESOPs
Flipkart employees are expected to strike gold through the deal of acquisition of the e-commerce giant by Walmart. Flipkart has recently allowed its employees - if they want - to sell their stocks to its parent company. The employee stock options present at their disposal had their valuation increased as a result of the deal. The increase in valuation...

Idea-Vodafone Merger: Is The Demand of Rs 3,900 By DoT Is Unjustified?

Idea vodafone merger
Who didn't foresee any hurdles in the clearances of Vodafone-Idea merger? Apparently, the big-shot move that could usher Vodafone (NASDAQ:VOD) and Idea (NASDAQ:IDEA) as India's largest telecom operator and remove Bharti Airtel from the top slot, may see a cooling-off period! According to fresh reports, Vodafone has questioned Government's demand of Rs 3,900 crore as payment towards non-auctioned spectrum, heating-on with allegations that DoT is...

Microsoft’s Latest Acquisition Is Kindling Out A Fresh Google Rivalry

acquisition of Flipgrid
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), amidst hip fanfare, welcomes a new member into its family- Flipgrid!As per the blog released, the acquisition of Flipgrid by Microsoft is one conspicuous strategy of winning share in the field of Education. Flipgrid is a social education app which lets students record and share the short video clips on specific topics, to create collaborative lesson plans. The...

Truecaller Acquires Chillr To Strengthen Its Presence In Mobile Payment Segment

truecaller acquires chillr
In early 2017 when Truecaller launched Truecaller Pay, a UPI-based transaction feature, it became immediately clear that the caller identification company has big plans to penetrate the flourishing mobile payment industry. Today, the company has solidified its commitment by acquiring Chillr - India's first muti-bank payment app launched in 2014.The company has also announced the launch of Truecaller Pay 2.0 after acquiring...

Why WhatsApp Founders Exited Facebook Leaving $1.3 Billion On The Table: The Expensive Split

Whatsapp founders
In the wake of the recent, ugly and expensive split between Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and its biggest-ever acquisition, WhatsApp, many hot-news have been emerging. One such report by Wall Street Journal states that with the long-standing dispute over ads and revenue generation, WhatsApp's co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum gave up $1.3 billion by leaving Facebook before they were eligible for stock awards.While...

Why Is Google’s Alphabet Reconsidering Flipkart Minority Stake Purchase?

alphabet buying flipkart stake
Reportedly, India has maintained its position as the third largest online retail market in the world after China and the USA. Pocketing in benefits, the acquisition of Flipkart by the American supermarket chain, Walmart is considered to be a major attempt of stretching its wings into the Indian online retail business. With a mammoth valuation of $500 billion, Walmart purchased major stakes...

Walmart Flipkart Deal: One of The Largest Wealth Pools For Employees

Walmart-Flipkart Deal
Latter day, the news of Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart panned out everywhere. At a valuation of nearly $21 billion, this deal has managed to generate one of the largest wealth pools for employees in India. With this deal being hammered down, the total worth of Flipkart's employee stock ownership plans(ESOPs) has jacked up. Over and above, it includes invested shares...

Walmart Acquires Flipkart To Lock Horns With Amazon in India

Walmart acquires Flipkart
It's official. Walmart acquires Flipkart to enjoy a lion's share of e-commerce industry in India. Reportedly, Walmart, No. 3 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500, has sealed the deal with Flipkart at $16 billion, a valuation of $20.7 billion. This is one of the biggest e-commerce deals and this ascertains the online inventory to lock horns with Amazon which is No.1...

Can Flickr Revive Itself After Getting Acquired By SmugMug?

smugmug buys flickr
Flickr, the once red-hot online-photo sharing community, withered under the ownership of Yahoo and lost its sheen to close rivals in the market. The pioneering online social platform, that hosted photos long before it became a trend, has teamed up with SmugMug, another professional photo hosting company.SmugMug, an independent, family-owned, subscription-based photo-sharing firm, has bought Flickr for an undisclosed...

Is Intel’s Rumoured Bid For Broadcom A Stroke Of Genius Or Just A Panic Response?

intel broadcom acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions are a fairly common occurrence in the technology industry in today's day and age. New and exciting technologies are on the horizon, and the industry is constantly consolidating as industry giants try to evolve and get a leg up on their competitors. This is especially true of the mobile chip industry, which has been undergoing a...

Is Dell In Trouble: The Acquisition of EMC Has Become More of A Liability Than An Asset!

Dell IPO
There is an old saying - Don't bite off more than you can chew!In the last quarter of 2015 when Dell Corporation decided to acquire EMC - now Dell EMC - all eyeballs were set on the world's largest tech deal till then. Interestingly, it was the first time when a comparatively smaller company was acquiring far bigger one. We...

Apple’s Latest Acquisition Could Catapult Us Towards A Truly Wireless Future

apple acquires PowerbyProxi
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) recently confirmed their latest high profile acquisition in the form of New Zealand based wireless charging firm PowerbyProxi. On the surface, this strikes as a curious move by the tech giant, especially considering that the latest Apple flagship smartphones - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X - support the Qi wireless charging standard. A closer look, however, may provide...

Google Will Pay $1.1 Bln to HTC to Acquire Employees Working on Pixel Smartphones

google paying htc
Finally, the rumours about Google acquiring HTC Corp (TPE:2498) has settled down as Google and HTC have officially announced the new 'cooperation partnership'. According to the press release from HTC, Google has agreed to pay $1.1 billion in cash to HTC for its employees who would join Google. These are the HTC employees who have already been working with Google...

Does Google’s Rumoured Buyout Of HTC Even Make Sense?

Big news for the smartphone industry as Taiwanese manufacturer HTC released a statement suspending trade of its stock pending further notice. This startling new development has further fueled rumours that the company might be in the final stages of a buyout by Google's parent company Alphabet.Rumors of an impending buyout of HTC's smartphone division are once again doing the...

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