Your Smartphone Battery Draining Issue Could Be Caused by “DrainerBot’

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Your phone’s battery is valuable to you, and if that drains continuously, then it becomes a searing pain. You might have explored tons of options to find the real culprit by now, but if you are still wondering what’ causing the real pain, here is something that could be doing the damage to your smartphone battery; introducing the Drainer Bot for your smartphones.

The Drainer bot has been sneakily living in your device and have consumed quite a sizable amount of data from your device and thus completely wasting its battery services. Oracle has already called it out and has labelled it as the fraud operation which works sneakily and quietly into a smartphone. The Drainer bot downloads gigabytes of video ads into a phone but keeps them on the invisible mode

This bot has affected a lot of Android apps and has been downloaded for 10 million times by millions of unsuspecting smartphone users. Because mobile video ads are dependent on your phone’s data, it will draw on it unless and until you process it out of your system.

This Drainer bot can eat up to 10GBs of extra data usage on your phone on per month basis. Oracle is currently exposing it through a campaign and showing its real face in front of everyone.

What should we know about this Drainer Bot?

Here are some of the necessary information about this bot that you should know.

  • It is an app based fraud operation which is currently infecting Android devices and delivering fraudulent video ads into the system. The infected apps are used to report back to all the ad networks that all of the advertisement is used on the legitimate website, but that is not the reality.
  • These video apps are invisible to users. You can never see them as they will never appear in front of you. These infected apps will consume all your bandwidth as well as your battery life while draining it out from your system.

This is a crime, and it needs to be solved as soon as possible‘ says an Android user upon knowledge.

The Android users aren’t the only one facing the turmoil, the app developers are being harmed by this bot too.

The SDK being used in infected apps, apparently, is apparently distributed by Tapcore, a a mobile ad distribution company based in the Netherlands. Tapcore SDK being used by all the infected apps, but it means that it has no relative connection with it. The company has vehemently denied any intentional or unintentional involvement with this malicious app and its content for the past few days.

‘We have already launched a full-scale operation into this matter and will help the developers to find their clue. We will get to the bottom of the investigation as available and provided with’, Tapcore clarified on Wednesday.  

Oracle has been investigating this matter for some time now. The bot is embedded in the system of every smartphone user. This device bot is distributed via SDK which is being integrated into the smartphone apps such as different games. When downloaded from the Google Play Store, the infected apps start causing damages to the users. This ad fraud has been costing for over millions per year without the smartphone user’s letting to know its real deal in the market.

The tech industry is currently working towards it with a strict system of law and order of governance over it. Different sectors are also taking better and multi-institutional approaches to identify the digital ad fraud companies and then fix it.

Google has blacklisted all the apps identified by Oracle that could be potentially infected by the bot. There are two more apps, still listed on the Google Play, are under investigation.

“Google Play developer policies prohibit deceptive and malicious behaviour on our platform. If an app violates our policies, we take action,” Google said.

Users have to pay attention to what they are downloading from different sites. They also have to take care of the credibility of their various applications.


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