Is Apple Making False Promises To Boost The Sales of iPhone?

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) hasn’t been in the best of times in terms of iPhone sales. Ever since the release of iPhone X last year, the Cupertino giant has been witnessing a decline in sales. The dismal sales performance of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max released last quarter of 2018, made the situation troublesome for the world’s most valuable brand.

It was a widespread belief that Apple will be trying its level best to induce more sales for its next release of iPhones. Tim Cook has also gone on record to promise a lot of improvements in the next model of iPhones.

However, it looks as if they were nothing but a bunch of false promises from Apple.

Tim Cook’s false promises

Two weeks earlier, Tim Cook was speaking to Reuters regarding the next line of iPhones, dubbed as iPhone 11. He admitted that the iPhones were, in fact, becoming too expensive for the users around the world! The primary reason, he stated, behind the exorbitant price of new iPhones was the strength of the dollar when compared to the other currencies in the world. But, more importantly, he also went on to say that Apple was “rethinking” its pricing strategies to make it more affordable for their customers around the world.

This got everybody thinking that Apple was, in fact, trying to change its ways drastically, not just with the pricing but also other areas where the iPhone makers have been criticised.

Turns out, it is not the case at all.

The Price of iPhone 11: Debunking the myths

Bloomberg’s acclaimed insider Mark Gurman has estimated that nothing is going to change in the next release of iPhones. Contrary to Tim Cook’s promises, the possible three new releases will be priced exactly the same as their predecessors. That means iPhone XR2, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max would be price tagged at $749, $999 and $1,099, respectively.

Moreover, the well-known Japanese tech site Macotakara has claimed that Apple is going to bundle the same cost-saving slow chargers as well as slow-charging USB-A cables, with the upcoming iPhones, like last time. That means the users will have to buy both, a good 18W charger along with a metre long fast charging USB-C cable, for a better experience. The cost of these two combined ranges anywhere between $50-$65!

However, this also means that Apple is not going to switch to the USB-C as expected. It is going to go with the Lightning port again, unlike the MacBook and iPad Pro. This will allow it to retain control over the licencing and the third party prices.

What is Apple trying to do here?

A lot has been said about Apple’s strategy in regards to declining iPhone sales everywhere. However, it is surprising to see that the company is still not revisiting the pricing strategy of the iPhone as soon as possible. This is even more surprising after seeing Tim Cook admitting the problem himself. And, only making the situation worse for Apple, such false claims are just going to act as negative PR for the company.

Of course, we can expect this to be dwarfed by tons of marketing for their new devices, but how far is it going to take them? Over-confidence is a well-known vice that brings down a lot of people. Let’s hope that it’s not the same for huge companies as well.


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