The New Leaks Claim 2019 iPhones Are Going To Be The Most Attractive Ones!

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People just can’t seem to wait on the next iPhone; even when the recent releases are just a few months old! 15 days into 2019 and we already seem to have an idea regarding how the next iPhone is going to look. The strongest rumours seem to be about the external features of 2019 iPhone. Several leaks and rumours have given us a brief idea as to what the 2019 iPhone is intended to look like. Let us analyse them in a little more detail.

The Leaked Images of Apple iPhone XI

Earlier in the month, an image was shared by a trusted leaking source Onleaks regarding the back camera of the next iPhone, dubbed as iPhone XI. 

The image shows a large rear-camera unit, equipped with three camera lenses and one flash emitter. The asymmetrical design and the large nature of the camera unit did not flatter many people when released.

The use of three camera lenses in the upcoming iPhone was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal later. They claimed that Apple is, apparently, going to release three new iPhones again this year, and it would the top model of iPhone XI sporting triple camera.

However, Onleaks, in collaboration with Compareraja, decided to leak another image of the upcoming iPhone XI.

2019 iPhones - iPhone XI

Here, the camera shown is sleeker and the overall unit is much smaller and much more attractive. There is no compromise with the number of camera lenses here. They’re stacked horizontally beside each other, giving the overall unit a pill-like shape. There is no individual flash unit, as seen in the earlier render. That flash unit takes the form of a ring around the central camera lens, making the design even sleeker and attractive.

In addition to that, it shows an image of the front of the iPhone as well. It is equipped with a smaller notch than the current iPhone versions, allowing for a better video viewing experience. Other notable features shown in the leaks include thinner side bezels.

Why Two Different Designs?

Both Onleaks and Compareraja have been pretty quick in pointing out that both the designs are actual 100% iPhone prototypes. Onleaks went on to mention in his first leak that all three models of the iPhone are currently in the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage now. Hence, they are and will be subject to change for some time.

However, considering the disparity in both the leaks, it is hard to imagine both of them making the eventual cut as two different models of the iPhone XI. Instead, it is more likely that one of the designs will be scrapped while the other will go into production. This is in line with the Wall Street Journal’s claim that only the highest-end iPhone model is supposed to sport the triple camera set-up. The other two models will supposedly be equipped with dual lens cameras.

Are These Designs Gonna Hold?

It is very difficult to predict if these designs are going to stick. Considering the fact that it is this early in the year and Apple generally tests multiple designs/variants before zero-in on the final model, the iPhone leaked renderings should undergo significant redesigns before the final product is released. Having said that, it is comforting to see that the iPhone renderings are improving and taking more attractive forms. Considering Apple’s dwindling sales in recent times, the iPhone XI is going to be crucial to stopping their downward slide. 

Will the iPhone XI be as successful as intended? Please let us know in the comments below.


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