Will The Rising Popularity of Online Smartphone Sales In India Kill Brick And Mortar Stores?


The online smartphone sales in India is growing at a phenomenal pace. While smartphone OEMs have left no stone unturned to grab a sizable chunk of the pie, they are not shying away from employing separate strategies and brands to cater to online and offline customers.

It is common knowledge that India is one of the most promising smartphone markets in the entire world today. The 4G wireless revolution brought about by the introduction of Reliance Jio and the influx of low-cost high-value Chinese smartphones has completely altered the Indian smartphone landscape over the past couple of years. In fact, India is perhaps the single most important smartphone market in the world in terms of potential and future outlook.

We have previously done detailed pieces on the changing state and future potential of the Indian smartphone market, however now let us take a look at the state of the infrastructure that gets smartphones into people’s hands. Just like the massive changes we’ve experienced in the world of smartphones, its back end has similarly overseen an overhaul of sorts. Today, people in India are buying smartphones in completely different ways as buying habits change and distribution channels evolve. The proliferation of the cheap broadband internet has led to the rise of online sales of smartphones, and more and more smartphone OEMs are adapting their sales and distribution infrastructure to reap the benefits.

Let us have a look at the state of the online vs offline smartphone sales strategy in India, and how it has evolved over the past couple of years.


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