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YouTube Should Have Bid Adieu To Dislike Button Much Earlier?

Youtube dislike button
Online video sharing platform YouTube can be a ruthless place for content creators targeted by 'dislike mobs'. And the site owners totally understand that this problem needs to be looked into.Content creators have spoken about being at the receiving end of such unruly bunches of people in the past but look like the negative feedback which the company got...

Facebook Has Pulled Off A Masterstroke By Integrating Its ‘Family Of Apps’?

whatsapp instagram messenger integration
It’s indeed hard to believe that ONE man sitting at Menlo Park, oversees how nearly a third of the world’s population interacts with each other in the online space.Incredible- isn’t t?Together, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, have more than 2.6 billion users. And three of those are among the world’s largest messaging networks. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who...

Facebook’s Crunch Conquest: By Relying Largely On The US Market, Is Facebook Running a Risk?

Two billion! That's Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) for you - Right when you thought that this social-media giant has already connected the entire world, it's proving that it can grow faster than ever before. In terms of logged-in users, Facebook ranks much above YouTube’s over 1 billion, Twitter's 326 million and Snapchat's 186 million.However, in a recent development, one observation...

Will The Rising Popularity of Online Smartphone Sales In India Kill Brick And Mortar Stores?

online smartphone sales in India
The online smartphone sales in India is growing at a phenomenal pace. While smartphone OEMs have left no stone unturned to grab a sizable chunk of the pie, they are not shying away from employing separate strategies and brands to cater to online and offline customers.It is common knowledge that India is one of the most promising smartphone markets...

Is The Acquisition Of GitHub A Sign That Microsoft Is Finally Returning To Its Roots?

acquisition of Github
It's been a few days now since the sensational news about the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) broke. The move has divided opinion heavily across Wall Street, software developers and the technology sector. There are a lot of concerns regarding the financial viability of GitHub as a business, as well as Microsoft’s future intentions for the platform...

India Is In The Midst Of An App Boom: How Can You Take Advantage Of It?

mobile app industry growth india
When it comes to the smartphone ecosystem, the APAC region, and India in particular, is undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects across the world. We have already analyzed the state of the smartphone market in India at length in the past. There is no doubt that India is rapidly becoming the next frontier for the smartphone manufacturers and represents the...

Apple’s Indian Conundrum: Replicating The Global Success In India

apple failing in india
The word Apple is perhaps one of the most recognized brand names of our generation. The tech giant’s name is synonymous with the smartphones that rule the modern world today. It's a name that evokes powerful responses from billions of users and fans across the world, and the famous iPhone has become a pop culture phenomenon. Such is the...

Can The Reserve Bank’s KYC Norms Help UPI Gain The Upper Hand Over Mobile Wallets?

UPI for Mobile Wallet
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, you must have some idea about the meteoric rise in popularity of mobile wallets in India. The sudden explosion in popularity and the subsequent ‘arms race’ in the mobile wallet industry has been one of the most notable developments in the Indian technology and financial...

From Bits Of Paper To Bits And Bytes: Evolution Of The Cashless Economy In India

digital transactions in india
We live in an era where technology has permeated every single aspect of our daily lives. The impact of technology on our day to day activities is undeniable, as is its incessant forward march. This phenomenon can be most acutely felt on one of the most fundamental aspects of our society – currency and financial transactions. As technology progresses,...

Can Facebook Recover From Its Craterous Impact, Or End Up Meeting MySpace?

facebook cambridge analytica scandal
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, chances are you must have, at the very least, heard of the massive Cambridge Analytic scandal that has rocked Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) to its very core. The social media giant has found itself in a quagmire, with its future looking somewhat uncertain. Every day the...

Time To Face The Music: The War For The Indian Digital Music Streaming Industry Is Beginning To Heat Up

Digital Music Streaming Industry
In case you hadn't noticed, India is in the midst of an unprecedented digital revolution. The events, that have transpired in the past two years, have culminated together to usher the world's second most populous nation into the digital age. This has had far-reaching effects on India's 1.3 billion inhabitants, as well as stimulating the burgeoning digital technology industry...

The Mi TV Lineup Part Of Xiaomi’s Grand Plan For The Indian Landscape?

xiaomi mi tv-4a india
When it comes to the Indian consumer tech industry, the name on everyone's lips over the past couple of years is Xiaomi. From being a relatively unknown Chinese brand barely a few years ago to securing the numero-uno position in the smartphone industry in India, the unprecedented meteoric rise of Xiaomi is well documented and worth every second you...

Is Intel’s Rumoured Bid For Broadcom A Stroke Of Genius Or Just A Panic Response?

intel broadcom acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions are a fairly common occurrence in the technology industry in today's day and age. New and exciting technologies are on the horizon, and the industry is constantly consolidating as industry giants try to evolve and get a leg up on their competitors. This is especially true of the mobile chip industry, which has been undergoing a...

Worldwide Smartphone Sales Drop: Is Just A Blip Or Is The Industry In Trouble?

worldwide smartphone sales q4 2017
In the past decade or so, the smartphone has overwhelmingly dominated the consumer tech hardware industry, and for good reason. The unprecedented worldwide smartphone sales, growth levels, as well as consumer popularity over the years, mean that the smartphone is the industry's biggest cash cow. Companies such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) were rejuvenated by the smartphone boom, which catapulted them...

Smart Devices Could Fundamentally Change How We Design And Engage With Mobile Apps

Smart home devices replaced your smartphone
There is no doubt that the past decade or so has been monumental for consumer mobile technology. The smartphone has dominated the conversation, as well as the industry, ever since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007. However, in the evanescent world of technology, any device's reign at the top can be very fleeting indeed. Through the...

From Consumer Darling To Industry Underperformer: Is The Tablet Doomed?

global tablet shipments
The technology and computing industry has been dominated by the rise of the mobile consumer hardware over the past decade. In many ways, we have seen a shift in consumer and manufacturer priorities to form factor, mobility, and convenience in addition to pure function and feature set. Perhaps the biggest evidence of this was the introduction and subsequent success of...

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YouTube Should Have Bid Adieu To Dislike Button Much Earlier?

Online video sharing platform YouTube can be a ruthless place for content creators targeted by 'dislike mobs'. And the site owners totally understand that...