Facebook Banks on Oculus Go to Get On Mainstream Wave

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Hosted in San Jose, Facebook F8, 2018 had some keynote announcements regarding the future of technology on a global platform, but what stole the show was the revelation of Oculus Go. The undeniable pacesetter was the unveiling of this trio of apps — Oculus Gallery, Oculus TV and Oculus Venues – designed in a way that enables you to watch shows, browse through photos or tune into your favourite sports channel. This revelation was made alongside the launch of the company’s newer, cheaper $199 headset called Oculus Go, which is already available for purchase as we sit back and browse through headlines.

The social media giant’s very first standalone device which won’t require any host such as PC or smartphones is the result of Zuckerberg’s long thought-through idea to remove limits of reality on an individual and make virtual reality accessible to them.

We want to get a billion people in virtual reality,” said Zuckerberg.

Before seven months, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that this affordable wireless headset “Oculus Go” will be available soon and now, Facebook has finally launched it into the market. Starting with the 32GB model which costs $199 and the 64GB model which costs $259 is available in 23 countries altogether.

How does Oculus Go Stand out from other VR sets?

Oculus Go is clearly different from Samsung’s Gear VR and any other headset; with Oculus Go, there’s no need for a high-end smartphone or a PC. Or to put it into simpler words, Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra describes it as “hands-down the easiest way to get people into VR.”

It’s all about the technological headway that tags along simplicity which is always more preferable.It does not require wires or cables, which makes it very attractive to a lot of users and it’s rather easy. You just need to get it out of the box and use it. There’s no mess of setting up or clipping in wires. As per reports by Recode, Head of Oculus Hugo Barra said that it’s one of the most highest-accessible VR that exists.

In Facebook’s Oculus Go there’s no need for an earpiece since it has a built-in speaker, which are inbuilt into straps. You can watch movies, play games, watch concerts or just enjoy being in virtual reality.

Specifications of Oculus Go:

  • The custom lenses built into the VR set allows for a wider view. The display resolution is 2560×1440 pixels. The wide fast-switch LCD display allows unobtrusive and even experience.
  • The standalone headset has a built-in lithium battery that provides 2.5 hours of battery life while streaming movies or videos.
  • Oculus Go also has an integrated microphone to enable social interactions as per Facebook’s plan.
  • There are two different versions available, the standard 32GB version for $199 USD and a 64GB model for $249.

Banking VR for social media – Zuckerberg’s setting goals.

“Standing up here today, I am more committed to future of VR than ever. It’s about bringing us closer together.  It is about imagining the world as it could be.” – Mark Zuckerberg, during his keynote in San Jose.

There are a lot of reasons Facebook and Oculus want to get virtual reality right since it’s evident from the way they are ramping up their VR efforts. According to Zuckerberg, this shall be the major platform for socializing and will certainly be a pacesetter. Herein, Oculus gives a fair chance to Facebook in creating a way into mainstream adoption.

Gaming up its continued effort to take virtual reality mainstream, Facebook’s new headset is designed to achieve cost-effectiveness and ratification — a device that will sell for as little as $200 and be accepted by users, globally, with zest.


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