Is Fiverr A Scam? How to Avoid Fiverr Scams and Profit from Outsourcing?

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Fiverr has the capability to impress you, dissatisfy you and also entertain you. But, is it a legitimate freelancing website that could help your business? To be honest, this platform is similar to a big flea market, and you need to sift through a plenty of garbage to discover the hidden gems.

Fiverr is a wonderful concept that’s reputed for its novelty gigs – an on-demand freelance model that actually works even with simple offerings. However, if you are new to it, and you’re trying to find out if it really works, you might have heard rumours indicating that it’s likely to be a scam. Is Fiverr really a scam?  Not at all, provided you know what you’re looking out for.

In fact, Fiverr is a company that enables transactions between sellers and buyers. So you need not to worry about it being a scam. Like any other freelance marketplace, you need not to be concerned about the firm. Rather the point of concern are the sellers and buyers who opt to make use of the platform for their transactions.


Many people who come across Fiverr are initially thrilled with such a great chance to earn money easily by doing relatively simple tasks. However, the catch is that while it’s an excellent platform, several gigs are nothing more than scams. So, you need to know how to avoid Fiverr scams that you come across and profit from outsourcing.

Avoid Fiverr Scams by Following These Rules

Discussed below are some simple rules that you need to follow if you wish to avoid Fiverr scams.

  • Avoid Gigs That Sound Too Good to Be True

If a gig promises ludicrously great results, this is the most important tell-tale indication of a scammer on the prowl. Most of the dodgier gigs on Fiverr make great promises. You should use a little bit of common sense while assessing the gigs and avoid falling in for things that are too good to be true. For instance, if a gig says you can earn 20,000 targeted audiences to your site for only $5, that’s an obvious trap. Here are a few more examples of gigs that should instantly raise an eyebrow to avoid them.

  1. Offer for PR6 DoFollow backlink
  2. Offer for 10,000 YouTube views
  3. Offer for 5,000 Facebook fans or Twitter followers

These examples are from the digital marketing category, but you will surely find scams in almost all other categories as well.

  • Look for Good English

Most of the scammers on Fiverr can be spotted easily as their English is usually not so perfect, though not all. Consider this as a red flag and investigate deeply before proceeding further. An occasional typo is acceptable, but plenty of grammatical and spelling mistakes with poor English in a gig indicate the carelessness of the seller about his prospective buyers or he could be using automatic translators. Either way, avoid such gigs.

  • User Profiles Should Be Consistent

At last, you always need to search for consistent details between gig details, seller’s profile and private emails (a reason to mail them first). Since there’s a very steep competition among the sellers, most of them might just say anything to earn your business. So, first, confirm what you would be getting and later try to examine the gig for major errors.

Here are a few more hands-on rules to follow when dealing with Fiverr transactions:

  • For local listings, meet in person.
  • Avoid wiring funds.
  • Avoid revealing financial and personal details.
  • Ask questions to find out more about the gig and the seller.
  • Look up the seller and his rating (communication, cancellation, refund, etc.)

Tips to Use Fiverr Efficiently

Experts who have been using Fiverr for quite some time now have learnt some trade tricks. If you follow their tips, you are more likely to enjoy a good experience using this platform. Here are some tips from experts to effectively use Fiverr.

  • Test Small Gigs: To start with, test the small gigs. This platform works through a sequence of $5 gigs, though as sellers gain more positive reviews and customers, they can provide costlier variations as the original gig upgrades. Several sellers make use of such upgrades as a way to provide deals for their users (offers such as buy one get one free). This might seem luring, but never purchase an upgraded gig till you’ve transacted with the seller at least once and was satisfied with the deal.
  • Contact the Seller before Placing the Order: A majority of the sellers possess greatly polished gig order and profile pages with their service details mentioned clearly. The best way for filtering spammers is to message the seller with a query before placing your order. Check how quickly they respond and see if they’re readily giving more details. This will give you an idea on whether or not to deal with them.
  • Overlook the 5-Star Reviews: Regrettably, Fiverr’s review system is one of its worst aspects. Several sellers take this system for granted by providing bonuses privately to those users who rate them with five stars. So, it’s better off to go with reviews with three or four stars to get a better idea of how the gig is. This is why it’s suggested to test the seller first.

To conclude, many honest providers are using Fiverr for promoting their personal businesses or freelance services. Many people have been using it successfully, though you need to gain a little bit of experience using it to avoid Fiverr scams. Remember that every category has good as well as bad gigs. Follow the rules discussed here and keep these tips in mind to weed out the scammers.


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