Before You Port Your Number to Reliance Jio: A Disruptor of the Indian Telecom Industry

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Reliance Jio is launched commercially and by now most of us may be wondering if we should ditch your current mobile operator and port the number to Reliance Jio. At the same time, people are juggling with few other questions that are restricted them to port the number to Reliance Jio with utmost confidence. And the major one among all are:

  • Can Reliance provide quality services or will it prove to be a nightmare after acquiring a sizable market share like last ?
  • Has reliance learnt its lessons from the last debacle ?
  • Can Reliance Jio live up to the expectations or will end up being another average network with average post sales service for non-premium customers ?

Let’s find out !

India has a population of 1.3 billion, with over 371 million mobile internet users (as of June 2016). Out of these, Reliance Jio targets 100 million users within the shortest time span possible. Reliance Jio was launched commercially on 5th September as the most affordable telecom operator in the world. Voice calls on the Jio network are absolutely free for the lifetime which has marked an entry into the new era of mobile communication. On the other hand, 4G data services cost as low as Rs. 50/GB. The data services are also absolutely free till 31st December 2016. After this, the tariff comes into force starting from Rs. 19 and goes till Rs. 4,999. Also, Jio is offering unlimited free data between 2 am and 5 am along with free roaming facilities across the country.


Reliance Jio had already roped in 1.5 million users in its test phase which offered free calls and data for 90 days for all the smartphone users except iPhone, Xiaomi, Motorola and Lenovo. Earlier, Reliance communications had been criticised for the network issues as well as their post-sale service by the users, resulting in the rise of other players. However, they now claim that they have the required infrastructure for a better service and connectivity. Apparently, other network operators do not have ample infrastructure to bring down tariffs to the Jio level even for the next five years.

Reliance Jio has been launched as a part of Digital India Campaign with an aim to connect India digitally by giving every Indian access to affordable mobile phones and internet connectivity. Reliance has also launched affordable mobile phones with Jio connectivity under the brand name LYF Mobiles with a price tag as low as Rs. 2,999.

Reliance Jio: Impact on the Industry

The launch of Jio has started a price war in the industry. Other major players like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are still working on the measures to tackle the latest and toughest challenge. According to the current Jio users, the internet speed and the voice call quality has been excellent till date. Currently, there’s no single reason not to turn towards the cheapest operator in the world. The intensifying competition is in favour of the customers as other operators have no other choice but to reduce the tariff to survive in the market. Jio has set a benchmark for the operators in the country who had been looting the users with rates as high as 250/GB.

The launch of Jio will also affect the e-commerce industry and other internet business which were struggling to attract new customers. Lower data charges and higher internet speed will help in the expansion of the industry. Jio is all set to improve the internet infrastructure of the country. Till now the network has been delivering high-speed internet and an excellent quality voice and video calls, which is why the number of customers is increasing rapidly for Jio.

Port the number to reliance jio

No doubt, Reliance Jio will disrupt the market with unbelievably low prices. It will be in favour of the general public and the internet players. It will also attract the lower class of people who, till now, couldn’t afford to maintain a mobile phone and were far from internet access. In no time, Jio will capture a sizeable chunk of the market, leaving behind the expensive service providers. But the challenge lies ahead when the user base reaches from a mere 1.5 million to whopping 100 million. Then will be the time when the quality will actually come under the scanner. Since the company promises to maintain the quality till any number of users, we hope all goes well with the company giving maximum benefits at the lowest price to its users.


How to Port The Number to Reliance Jio

If you want to enjoy the 4G digital revolution without changing your existing mobile number, you can do it by following four simple steps which are as follows:

  1. Send a text message PORT followed by your 10-digit mobile number to 1900. You will receive a port out code.
  2. Download the Jio app and generate the offer code on your smartphone.
  3. Get a Jio sim from any Reliance Digital store, Jio retailer or any store offering a Jio sim and provide your eKYC via your Aadhar card number. Provide the port out code to the person assisting you.
  4. Settle all the dues of the old telecom provider and your number will be ported to Reliance Jio within 7 days

Now you can sit back and enjoy the 4G speed and free voice calls.


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