Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePlus One: It’s About Time

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Today was dated to be the first sale of the Xiaomi flagship in India after months of buzzing anticipation, and then out of nowhere came a shot from their own homeland after OnePlus decided to put up its flagship killer on an invite-free sale. Was it just a coincidence or a neat trick played by the rising Chinese OEM to have a take on the Apple from China?

The Oneplus One, touted as the “flagship killer” of 2014 has been a device which was loved by all but owned by a few, courtesy the invite based sales that the company chose to make its way into the Indian subcontinent via Amazon. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has been – and always will be – the “people’s champ” and with all that hocus pocus done over the UI part and India being the first country that they chose to get started with their UI overhaul campaign in the form of MIUI 6, It is here to stay. Speaking of the Mi4, it definitely is a beauty right away!

Xiaomi entered the Indian market in Q2 of 2014 and has sold over a million devices already! The Redmi 1S has been a huge success for them while the enigmatic status of the Mi3 and the promising Redmi Note 4G have kept the buzz going despite the recent SEP patent infringement case imposed by Ericsson earlier this year. However, the Mi4 is their flagship device right now and, as they say, the signature should always leave a mark. The Mi4 is really going to be a deciding factor towards the future of Xiaomi in India and around the globe.


Not so long after Xiaomi, the Chinese OEM Oneplus, made it’s way to the Indian market and chose to sell its phone via Amazon through exclusive invites. The Oneplus One has shown no mercy in decimating the competition whatsoever so far but if you talk about its venture into the Indian market, things haven’t gone much smoother as expected. Anyone remember the Micromax-Cyanogenmod marriage?

However, besides all the if’s and but’s, the Oneplus One has been able to retain the title of flagship killer in the Indian subcontinent as well but only so far! The Xiaomi Mi4 had been held too long on the waiting list to make its way to the Indian market and now when it is finally here, things just got tougher for the yesteryear’s flagship killer!

Getting a bit technical about the devices, both the devices share the same processing power under the hood with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 SoC and 3 GBs of RAM but there are a few things that are bound to get noticed by the consumers before they opt for either one of these devices. For sake, the Xiaomi Mi4 comes with only 16 GB of internal storage while the Oneplus One definitely nails it at 64 GBs worth the same. The Xiaomi flagship comes with a couple of the amazing IMX214 camera sensors from Sony to give out an anytime better in terms of imaging while the Oneplus One can take pleasure in feeling proud of it’s 4G capabilities. And again, you just can’t ignore the amount of work that has been done for making that metal frame of the Mi4, this is getting tough, ain’t it?

Both of the devices have a lot counting on them and both of them have been trendsetters so far. Talking about the current trend, one of the key factors behind Xiaomi’s success into the Indian subcontinent and Globally has been their beautifully crafted software that they’ve deployed on each of their smartphones. This has made the Indian OEMs break some sweat into their strategies regarding UI design and software performance hence, turning back the focus to the UX factor. The Xiaomi Mi4 comes loaded with MIUI 6 and definitely boasts the potential to take it down the alley to take down any competition whatsoever! Again, after breaking up with their long time software specialists, Oneplus has got a lot of money banking upon the success of their close-to-stock and freshly baked Oxygen OS.

Coming back to the day’s game, the invite-free Oneplus One has already turned to invite only now which refers to a swashbuckling stocks drying sale while Xiaomi has claimed to have sold all of the Mi4s dated for the first sale in as many as 15 seconds! Now can that really make some sense? There is no doubt about the flagship grade status of the Mi4 but if we try to take a dig in the past, the Mi3 did the same in as less as one-tenth of the time taken! Since January 28, when Mi4 was first announced and the pre-booking kicked off, Xiaomi has received 350,000 pre-bookings in last 12 days, unfortunately only 25,000 Mi4 devices were up for grab in its first flash sales today, confirmed to us by Manu Jain, Head – Xiaomi India.


The Oneplus One was anyways going to run dry of the stocks as it was imposed right to the same audience which Xiaomi was targeting for the day for the Mi4 that too in an invite-free fashion and with an early lead of as much as 4 hours (10 AM to be exact over Xiaomi’s customary 2 PM sales) over the latter! Time does counts a lot, right? But having already announced a 64 GB version of Mi4 coming on 24 February, Xiaomi can have a very few things to worry about rather than the availability in terms of number of units for the same. Again, Oneplus Two, speculated for Q2/Q3 launch this year, seems to be not too far for now but it is definitely up to the Oneplus One to build up the buzz and the market for its successor to rules upon. But Lei Jun, called as the Steve Jobs of China must be having quite a number of plans to maintain their grips over the ever so happening market of the subcontinent! Anyways, he has got a justified reason to celebrate after Xiaomi is awarded being the most valuable tech startup, worth more than Uber, Airbnb and Pinterest.

Both the devices have quite a dozen expectations running behind themselves being the flagship offerings of their respective makers but where is all of this going to lead us to? Time does counts a lot, right?

Which one do you feel has have an edge over another ?

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  1. Main Disadvantages (Cons) of XIAOMI MI4:
    1. No NFC – Its going to rock in couple of months ( http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-nfc-works-and-mobile-payments/
    => http://www.mobilepaymentstoday.com/topics/contactless-nfc/
    => http://www.nfcworld.com/2014/08/21/330961/paypal-introduces-one-touch-mobile-payments/

    2. No LTE (4G)
    3. No Gorilla Glass (we can see even in 10K rupee mobiles)
    4. 60% battery health compare to oneplus one
    5. No memory slot
    6. Worst SAR value is 1.31 (Yureka: 0.56, oneplus one: 0.62, Samsung mobiles: 0.2)
    7. It supports only single SIM
    8. 35% more heat problem compare to oneplus one
    9. Price is so high compare to MI3
    10. Only 2 mics (no more noise cancellation mic)
    11. Only single speaker (holding difficult while playing game)
    12. Last but so sad – worst back cover we have to change it must (cost $22 => http://www.xiaomiworld.com/original-xiaomi-black-apricot-wood-back-cover-for-xiaomi-mi4.html )


  2. I guess it will be a tough fight between both the companies as both the products are really good and though my heart goes out to the OPO for all the customization possibilities it provides the MI4 also is a solid piece of engineering and MIUI6 is really good, I guess we can only speculate who will dominate over the long term as OPO is also going to announce update to CyanogenMod based on Lollipop! 😀


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