The Power Of Digital Content: “Gangnam Style” Minted Millions (While Sleeping) In Just 4 Months And Still Counting !

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There could be no better case study than “Gangnam Style” in recent times to showcase the power, reach and influence of digital content. “PSY” needs no introduction, but for those who still stay in aliens land; it’s the name of the South Korean pop artist who acted, sang and written “Gangnam Style” – A song that has chart-busted almost every record of entertainment history. Within just 4 months of release, it has received raining 720,521,179 views on YouTube alone. And, by the time you will read this the counter may be showing higher than quote above.

But, I am not here to frame another portrait of PSY’s fame and “Gangnam Style” popularity. But defiantly, there is something for all digital marketers and internet geek to absorb as a great case study of digital content supremacy.

Gangnam Style: Influence and Reach of 1 Billion

It’s astounding to know that “Gangnam Style” is the only YouTube video reached 720+ million views in record time of 4 months. Excitement reaches to new height by learning that just 4 months old PSY’s YouTube channel has already crossed 1 Billion views with consolidated contribution by 20 videos, primarily dominated and influenced by “Gangnam Style” video.

However, the growth is far from saturation as “Gangnam Style” video alone is calculated to reach 1 Billion views by Christmas as its consuming avg. 7 million views every day. This growth is also creating a supportive ecosystem for the growth of other videos of PSY’s YouTube channel.

Millions In Pocket (And Counting): The Power of Digital Content Monetization

Though, I don’t hold any official released figure, but we are living in an era of Digital world where transparency is no more a challenge. The YouTube launch of “Gangnam Style” has created a raining revenue scenario for YouTube (in turn for Google) and for “PSY”.

The song is well monetized and tagged under ‘Premium Publisher” category. This means advertisers are paying higher to run their ad on the video and YouTube is also sharing higher revenue with “PSY” compare to normal publishers. The digital content monetization works on eCPM and eCPC model. Though, Google recorded 15% decline in CPC in last quarter but despite of that video ads are still attractive well-sized price; all credit to internet penetration and high adoption of digital video contents.

Now, taking a conservative approach lets consider $.30 per CPC and $.49 eCPM (Views) to measure PSY’s financial gain from his 4 months old YouTube channel. The avg eCPV is around $0.02 for 15 seconds in-stream ads. However, publisher will only get paid if a visitor see complete ad which is less than 1%.

Total Channel Views: 1,037,788,079 (as on 15 November 2012)

Income from eCPV (View) Ads: (Total channel views/100o) X $0.49 which results in $508,516 – almost half a million. But wait, that’s not all

Income from CPC Ads (On the basis of standard 1% CTR): (Total channel views/100) X $.30, results in $3,113,364 – More than 3 million.

So, the total income from YouTube Channel = ($508,516 + $3,13,364) X  .79 (79% Premium Publishers’ share), results in whopping $2,861,285; That too in just 4 months and only from one source of Digital content.

Interestingly, the figure seems so lucrative in spite of adopting conservative calculation approach over eCPM and CPC. There are good reasons and enough possibilities that the numbers could be higher than projected above.

Gangnam Style: Empowering Other Video Contents To Pocket Dollars

The charm and adoption of “Gangnam Style” video is so impressive that many other regional and local videos across the globe – heavily ‘influenced’ with “Gangnam Style” – have also recorded hundreds of thousands views. This is again resulting in hundreds of dollars earning from videos uploaded over YouTube.

But the road is not to going to end here; all above income, originated from digitally broadcast video contents, is bound to increase by 30% – 40% easily in next few weeks considering ‘Thanks Giving’, ‘Christmas’ and ‘New Year’ ahead.

It may take some time for many of you to come out from ‘raining dollar’ stage and for those who are still scratching their head by finding themselves in aliens’ land, here is viral video of “Gangnam Style”. Enjoy !!



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