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Microsoft Q2 2013 Earnings: Minted $1.31 Billion From Google Android [Exclusive]

The much awaited Microsoft Q2 2013 (fiscal) Earnings report is already out and analysts across the globe are already bumping up with their mixed views on the tech giant financial performance of the last quarter ended 31 December 2012. The company posted record revenue but lower than expected profit figures, and we are already done with quarter-by-quarter assessment. Surprisingly,...

HP Lost $6.9 Billion In Q4 2012: Time To Focus Back On Cloud, Printer and PC Business

Today, HP reported another dismal quarterly earnings. The company reported a revenue of $30 billion for Q4 of its fiscal year 2012 (ending October 30), down 7% compare to the same quarter of the prior year. Besides, the company also revealed a net loss of $6.9 billion ($3.49 per share) for the quarter, while it showed off a net profit...

The Power Of Digital Content: “Gangnam Style” Minted Millions (While Sleeping) In Just 4 Months And Still Counting !

There could be no better case study than “Gangnam Style” in recent times to showcase the power, reach and influence of digital content. “PSY” needs no introduction, but for those who still stay in aliens land; it’s the name of the South Korean pop artist who acted, sang and written “Gangnam Style” - A song that has chart-busted almost...

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