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Spotify’s Decision To Block Millions Of Its Users Makes Economic Sense

Sweden based Spotify is one of the oldest and most popular music streaming services today. But users of this service who dodge their ads and commercial breaks by installing ad blockers in their browsers have long been like the proverbial thorns in the flesh for the app makers.Hardening its stance against those up for a free ride, Spotify is...

Fewer iPhone Upgrades Force Apple To Cut Down Revenue Estimation For Fiscal Q1 2019

Apple revenue estimation Q1 2019
Looks like Tim Cook is finding it tough to deal with the changing smartphone scenario as Apple is failing to keep its iPhone sales performance as impressive as in the past. In the recent development, Apple has further cut down the company revenue estimation for the first fiscal quarter ended on December 31, 2018. In the recent note released...

Facebook Yearly Revenue and Net Profit From 2007 to 2018

Facebook Revenue and Net Income
 The above DGraph represents Facebook's annual revenue and net profit from 2007 to 2018, worldwide. In Q2 2018, Facebook posted a record revenue of $13,231 million, that's a massive 42% YoY increase. While the quarterly net profit reached $5,106 million, up 31% from the same period a year ago. A majority of Facebook's revenue comes from Advertising business.Interestingly, Facebook...

Twitter Revenue by Quarter

Twitter Revenue by Quarter
 The above DGraph represents the Twitter revenue by quarter, from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter. In Q3 2018, Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) generated its highest-ever revenue of $758 million, that's a notable increase of 28.5% YoY.Interestingly, Q4 2015 was the first quarter when Twitter crossed $700 million mark in terms of revenue. However, when it comes to profit, it was...

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the worldwide Facebook quarterly revenue, from Q4 2010 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Facebook posted a quarterly revenue of $13.7 billion, globally. That's a significant 33% YoY increase. Interestingly, a whopping 98.6% of Facebook's total revenue in the third quarter came through Advertising. However, Facebook quarterly revenue grew a minimal 3.75% compared to the previous...

Twitter Revenue By Quarter: From Q1 2011 to Q3 2018

 The above DGraph represents the growth in Twitter revenue from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Twitter generated a record revenue of $758 million, an increase of 29% YoY. The micro-blogging company also witnessed 6.61% growth in its revenue when compared to Q2 2018.Interestingly, nearly 56% of Twitter's total revenue ($423 million) in Q3 2018 came...

The Estimated Sales of iPhone XR In H2 2018 Will Make It The Most Selling iPhone

sales of iPhone XR H2 2018
The past two days in the tech world have been all about Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The company has just announced three new variants of the iPhone X; namely iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR. All these new variants announced are official replacements to the original iPhone X. Apple pulled its 'revolutionary' iPhone X from their stores immediately...

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018: Highlights

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018
The DGraph represents the Facebook earnings in Q2 2018, which includes revenue from advertising, payments & other fees, total costs & expenses, income from operations, and total net income. In Q2 2018, Facebook's total revenue clocked $13.2 billion, worldwide. Interestingly, nearly 98.51% of that came from advertising. The company's advertising revenue has seen a remarkable 42.27% YoY growth.Mobile plays a biggest...

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region (2)
 The above DGraph represents the growth of Facebook advertising revenue by user geography. In Q3 2018, Facebook advertising revenue clocked over $13.7 billion, a significant 33% YoY growth.Europe, despite the fact that it is smaller than Asia-Pacific in terms of user-base, brought in more revenue from Facebook's advertising business. The region contributed $3.26 billion in Facebook's ads revenue, compared...

Facebook Quarterly Revenue By Region

Facebook revenue by region
 The above DGraph represents the growth in Facebook quarterly revenue by region from Q2 2016 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Facebook's total revenue rose to $13.73 billion, clocking 33% YoY increase. However, it is below than the industry expectations of $13.8 billion. In Q2 2018, Facebook witnessed a whopping 42% YoY growth in its total revenue, clocked $13.2...

Apple Q3 2018 Results: Fourth Consecutive Quarter of Double-Digit Revenue Growth

Apple Q3 2018
Today Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced its fiscal Q3 2018 results, which shows the strongest June quarter the company has ever witnessed in the terms of revenue growth. The Cupertino giant has, once again, proved that it is quality, not quantity, that matters, in the end. Apple posted a quarterly revenue of $53.3 billion, up 17% compared to the same period a...

Is Facebook On The Verge Of Becoming The Largest Wipe-Out In American History?

Facebook revenue Q2 2018
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been a pioneer at setting up milestones. However, as per the  Second Quarter 2018 Results, Facebook's revenue deceleration is the talk-of-the-town and it looks like, Facebook is on the verge of becoming the largest wipe-out in American history!Facebook recently announced their second fiscal quarterly results which look tarred and feathered. Apparently, with revenue of $13.2 billion compared to...

Xiaomi, The Whopping Loss And The Mega IPO: A Worrisome Scenario

Xiaomi revenue loss IPO
Xiaomi Group published the deposit receipts prospectus (reported on June 7, 2018) which revealed that it has lost RMB 7 billion (more than $1 billion) on revenues of RMB 34.41 billion ($5.3 billion) in the first quarter of 2018. This comes just after one month when the company has filled its Initial Public Offering (IPO), that would be the world's biggest...

Is Samsung Being Overly Ambitious With New Smartphone Offerings In India?

samsung growth in India
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) is growing faster than ever in the world's second-largest smartphone market India. The company said that it is estimating a 5% rise in overall smartphone market share in India with the launch of its latest devices.The South Korean giant registered an impressive 27% growth in mobile revenue in India for the fiscal ending 2017, clocking a...

Apple Fiscal Q2 2018: The Best Second Quarter Ever For Revenue But iPhone Sales

Apple Q2 2018 revenue iphone sales profit
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has proved once again that smartphone business is not just about volume sales, it's about quality and brand value that could keep a company mint billions. By reporting strong quarterly earnings and revenue in fiscal Q2 2018 results, Tim Cook has not only proved critics wrong but also boosted the confidence of investors and shareholders.Apple posted...

Facebook Q1 2018 Results Reflect Stoical Behaviour Against Recent Troubles

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), the largest and recently beleaguered social network, continues to stack revenues and users amidst backlash. The privacy abuse and data mishandling fiasco didn't hurt Facebook's money machine and the business rose stoically as the company reported strong earnings in Q1 2018.At least two facts to put things in perspective should be - this partly compliments...

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