How To Improve Your Website Page Rank In Google Search !

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It makes sense when your website’s pages show up on the first few pages of Google search engine and if not, all your efforts might go down the drain for nothing. So it is very important to follow some of the guidelines in order to improve page rank. Page ranking is used to depict the importance of a web page. Pages appearing on the Google search results also depend on the page rank of  a web page.

As more and more people link to a particular web page, automatically the weight-age of that web-page increases and so the Google page rank improves. Page rank is a calculation between the scale 0/10 to 10/10. For instance pages with rank 8/10 is considered more important than 7/10. And this happens between every 3 to 4 months, that means for every quarter year, you need to make sure that your page rank increases.

Content is King:

First and foremost thing for any website to improve their page ranking is by delivering good content to the audience. That’s right folks. The content is the king. If the content is good, obviously more and more people will come forward to link that page again. If your website design is awesome, page load is quick, but still there is no worthy content, than it is very hard to improve the page rank. Keep in considerations that your website should not bear any grammar mistakes or any other errors, for which Google might consider your website having poor content and further not index your website.

Keep your website updated:

Keep your website updated with the latest information. New content in your website will allow Google to improve page rank to a website. So as you update newer content, there is a probability of more and more unique visitors viewing your website. Now the concept of “unique visitors” plays a vital role in deciding the page rank of a website.

Improve Back-links:

As I mentioned earlier, the page rank of your site depends upon the number of back-links to your pages. The more back-links, the page rank increases accordingly. Now you might ask how to improve the back-links to you page. This can be done by

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is the process of adding your website to a web directory, including details of your website like URL etc. This is one of the way to increase linking to your site. Based on increased links to a website, the search engine improve the page rank. Submit your website to many directories with good page rank.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is one of the ways to improve your page ranking. Some people who are going through social sites might come across your site and this could only be possible is you enable social bookmarking in your website.

Use social media:

Some of the serious people, seeking for the latest information can be found in some of the top social networking sites like LinkedIn. Now, all you have to do is share your content or links to various people. As you actively get involved in posting your links on forum discussions etc, more and more serious readers come to know about your page, who most probably could be useful for further spreading the message by sharing the links. But you also need to contribute more by discussing and taking interest in other topic.

Try getting a back-link from sites with higher page rank:

Google considers websites important which received back-links from higher page ranked websites. So try to get a back-link from site with higher page rank. One way of doing this is that you can genuinely get involved in posting comments on their posts on a regular basis. So what will happen is that the person might come to know about your website and provide a back-link to your post if he/she feels that there is something that is interesting in your post.

page rank

Submit your sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tool:

A site map is a list of pages of your site which can be accessible by web crawlers or users. First you need to construct a sitemap (XML sitemap). Later you need to submit your sitemap to Google’s webmaster tool. This helps Google to discover your web pages, including URL’s present in the sitemap. Google then indexes all your URL’s. This will help you to increase your website page rank.

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