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BlackBerry 7 Is Named The Most Secure Mobile OS For Enterprises: [Report]


BlackBerry has always been a most preferred operating System among businesses and professionals due to security concern. However, after three days outage in the last year, numbers of  users escaped from BlackBerry to some other platforms. That’s why; the market share of the OS plunged to the minimal level in the last year. But now, Research in Motion has strong reason to celebrate because a research analysis firm “Trend Micro” has declared BlackBerry 7 OS  the best mobile OS for enterprises. The researchers from three different research firms–Trend Micro, Altimeter Group and Bloor Research– assembled to investigate built-in security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall, application security, and virtualization. The researchers (from these three research firms) applauded to corporate grade security and manageability of BlackBerry 7 OS–which made the OS best in security concern.

CTO of Trend Micro—Raimund Genes—said, “Against the growing, unstoppable backdrop of consumerisation and BYOD, every mobile device is a risk to business. What is interesting in these results is that, whilst some mobile platforms have evolved very noticeably along enterprise lines, there is still a strong ‘consumer marketing’ legacy in some quarters and this is negating some of the progress made on the enterprise front. Indeed, some of the attributes we have examined in the report are still firmly ‘enterprise-unready.”

Trend Micro compared four mobile OS included BlackBerry 7, Windows Phone 7.5, iOS 5 and Android 2.3. After subtle investigation, the firm found that BlackBerry 7 met the demand of enterprise owners most.  In terms of number factors, BlackBerry 7 scored 2.89, followed by iOS 5 with 1.7 score, while, Windows Phone 7.5 and Android 2.3 scored 1.61 and 1.37 respectively.

Beside RIM, the researchers also admired iOS and Windows Phone for the lack of removal storage and robustness respectively. Contrarily, Google’s Android software did not get any appraisal from the researchers. The researchers noted that Android 2.3 version, which is currently running on numbers of devices worldwide, has occupied with security risk.



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