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Will Microsoft’s “Smoked By Windows Phone” Campaign Woo Folks? [VIDEO]


Microsoft is endeavoring to adopt lots of strategies to lure masses towards its Windows Phone. At the mid of December last year, Microsoft announced a free Windows Phone for “Android malware victim” after sharing “of being victim story” to the company. Presently, Microsoft is holding a “Smoked by Windows phone” contest for non-Windows Phone users.  The company has given challenges to non-Windows Phones users to prove that their Phones are faster compare to Windows Phones devices. Here, contestants have to perform specific task such as ‘updating the status of Facebook or seeking for 5-star restaurants’ on their handset before Windows Phone once after the start of competition. If user performs the task as earlier as Windows Phone then he or she will be rewarded by a special Hunger Games edition of “HP’s Folio ultrabook”, otherwise, they will have to switch from their OS to Windows Phone.

The competition is how much fair it’s seems when a blogger Sahas Katta of “Skattertech” took up the challenge of displaying the weather in two cities. According to Sahas, he was able to contend Windows Phone using  his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, Microsoft Store employees in Santa Clara, California, refused to accept his win.

Katta said, “It was a fun contest and I won by their own rules. I didn’t lose anything. I didn’t expect this article to get so much attention. Was doing some errands around the house and my Twitter app kept buzzing. I realized what had happened a bit later. Just imagining Microsoft executives running down the hallways screaming ‘stop the challenge’ is enough justice for me.”

The video (below) is demonstrating how Microsoft is more effective than non-Windows Phone while accessing Facebook at “Smoke By Windows Phone” campaign:


It quite obvious that When Microsoft offer lavish HP laptops as a prize that means that the company is much sure that the OS is quite efficient than its rivals platform. Indeed, “Smoked by Windows Phone” is a Microsoft’s one of the marketing campaign and the company is trying to demonstrate that how Windows Phone is more effective than non-Windows Phone. Whatever be the company’s strategy, the competition should be fair, if Katta’s claim is trust-worthy, then, the company should acknowledge the upshot. However, the campaign could clinch some folks from rivals side to Microsoft’s bag.



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