Feel The Power Of Alienware X51: Dell Unveils Extreme Gaming Zone For Hardcore Gamers In India

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Alienware products have always been the ultimate gaming fantasy for the gamers because of the monstrous gaming rig accompanied with the appealing design of the machines but one of the evergreen factor which make it an “out of reach” dream for the most of the gamers had been its skyrocket price. Alienware desktops and laptops have always been the well-acclaimed gaming machines with unrivaled hardware specification and sophisticated design, to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to those who can afford such a beast. But now Dell’s strategy over the expensive Alienware machines seem to divert over a new legendary roadmap by launching their console-sized gaming desktops supported by as-usual brutal hardware specification,the cutting-edge design and the affordable price which will surely bring many dreams come true. This new edition from Dell under the Alienware flagship is Alienware X51 gaming desktop which will definitely open new gaming gateways for the gaming enthusiasts that too without a hole in their pockets.

Though Dell officially announced Alienware X51 globally in January 2012 but India specifically got its official announcement in February 2012 at a grand inauguration of a hardcore gaming zone equipped with Dell’s latest Alienware X51 desktops at Bangalore. This can be taken as a marketing strategy of Dell to attract more gamers towards their beastly configured,latest console-sized gaming desktop.

“This is the first time in Alienware where we have moved beyond being the niche game PC maker history to somebody who makes mainstream gaming PC for genuine and X51 is the disseminate to the fact.  So, the X51 id targeted to the people who want to push the limit to its boundaries and want to have an immersive gaming experience compare to conventional PC experience these days.” said Mr. Sriram Gopalaswamy, Manager Marketing – Dell India in an exclusive interview with Dazeinfo.

[slideshow id=10] Alienware X51 is powered with Intel’s second generation core i processors and Nvidia GeForce GT or GTX graphics processing units for hardcore gaming experience. The base model has Intel Core i5 processor,1 GB NVidia GeForce GT 545GPU,4GB DDR3 dual channel RAM,1TB SATA hard drive etc. priced at Rs.49,900 (US$ 1,000) approx and if you have bigger pockets then you gamers can go for the higher versions too which have the Intel Core i7 processors,Nvidia GTX 555 graphics cards delivering higher level of gaming performance. Features like Wireless-N technology,HDMI 1.4,USB 3.0 ports,HD 7.1 Audio,GDDR5 graphics memory,console-sized design etc. make Alienware X51 one of the best gaming desktops available in India. The Alienware X51 is available at alienware.co.in from where you can purchase the machine and put your gaming skills on fire.

“Generally, Gamers want to customize their system, they want to actually upgrade their BIOS to overclock their systems. Alienware as a brand allows all customers to go ahead and over-clocked their systems. As a company we know that if something goes wrong people like to over-come from that almost immediately. Alienware comes comes with a detailed help manual that allows people to understand the system better and even push their system for optimum performance” said Mr. Sriram.


Alienware X51 comes bundled with Alienware Command center software enriched with features to customize your machine in whatever way you like from themes to amazing lighting effects of the machine. Features like AlienAdrenaline, AlienFX and Alien Fusion are a treat to the gamers for personalizing their machines according to their taste. AlienAdrenaline allows gamers to customize each of their games by enabling unique game mode,close unnecessary running programs,launch music players etc. With the help of AlienFX gamers can control and customize the lighting system of the machine by choosing between different themes and 8000 distinct lighting combinations. AlienFusion allows gamers to control their Alienware X51 power consumption by choosing the best possible performance mode. Below given is the specification and the price of the three variants of Alienware X51 available in India. Have a look.. 🙂



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