Some Of The Top Features Of Windows 8 Showcased : Will It Trounce The Competition

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Microsoft is developing the latest installment of the Windows series OS and is striving hard to ensure that the upcoming feature packed Windows OS will deliver what the millions of consumers are expecting from it. The latest version of Windows OS is named as Windows 8 and is under the development stage though the Developer Preview edition is available as a free download. Microsoft must be ensuring an extra-punch in Windows 8 so as to compete with the Apple’s latest Mountain Lion OS which will also be coming in near future. Features like Ribbon interface for explorer, Metro UI, enhanced Multi-tasking, Internet Explorer 10, Virtual Machine set-up, Disk images mounting, revamped Log on,Sensor Fusion etc will surely be some of the features that Windows admirers will be excited about. Though Windows 8 is the revamped version of Windows 7 inspired by Windows Mobile 7 and there are a lot of features that make the latest OS much better than its predecessor. So here is the detailed list of some of the important features of Windows 8 OS that I am talking about.


  1.  Windows 8 has in-built Antivirus technology which includes the Smart-Screen Filter prior used in Internet Explorer 9. People will now,does not have to worry about the infected downloads as  Windows will be checking downloads for any harmful malware no matter which internet browser you will be using.
  2. One of the major improvement in Windows 8 is its Metro UI which is intensively optimized for touchscreens though sometimes it seems that one is using the same old Windows 7. In Microsoft Windows 8, the whole thing is revamped right from the Boot screen. The Log on screen,Lock screen and even the Control Panel is retouched and refined with Metro Style thumbnails making Windows user interface much more fluid. The complete Metro styled Control Panel allows users to configure their PC more easily. There is a bad news for those who love the traditional Windows OS UI as the Start Menu orb will be no more in the Screen. There are variety of features that Metro UI features like Standard view of copy progress is changed to expanded one as one can pause and start the process also, more detailed control over the management, conflicts while copying file are more refined, one can refresh and reset Windows from Control Panel etc.
  3. The Boot process is also revamped by Metro UI as there is the support for mouse or touchscreen for making an option.
  4. One of the core improvement in Windows 8 is its shut-down and start-up process. Now when PC is shut-down, Windows OS hibernates its core processes so as to ensure faster launch for the next time. This feature will definitely give a boost in Windows performance.
  5. Explorer has a new Ribbon-based UI which shows some extra options like pinning, running as administrator, disk mounting and burning options for ISO images,extraction for compressed files etc.
  6. Windows 8 has much more refined Multi-tasking options than its predecessor like pressing the Windows key restrains the running applications in the background and the home screen is presented in front without allowing the background application to consume CPU resources though RAM is used. Processes running in background can be terminated by drag and throw style interface for touchscreens and in normal machines can use mouse for dragging out the unwanted processes.
  7. Microsoft Windows 8 comes with Internal Explorer 10 featuring both desktop and touchscreen version. The touch based UI of IE10 has controls on the bottom which are normally not visible. A touch or a click is needed for bottom options and tab bar to appear. Tough WebM and Flash is not supported at this stage but we may get it functional at the final stages.
  8. Windows 8 OS unlike its predecessors feature an in built iso image management system which is really an interesting element on its part as most of the Windows users use programs like Daemon etc to do so. Now Windows OS itself features a virtual drive on which image files can be mounted and unmounted.
  9. Microsoft Windows 8 features a virtual machine system called HyperV through which one can create and enable virtual machines. By default HyperV is not enabled so one has to enable it through the Control Panel.
  10. Now Windows Log on management system gives users the option for logging in via 4 digit pin or using a picture password. Thanks to the Metro UI of Windows 8 OS.
  11. The ‘Sensor Fusion’ technology incorporated by Microsoft ensures better functionality of Sensors like Gyroscope, Acclerometer, Compass etc. for better sensitivity of sensors while playing games and other applications.


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