Apple To Launch New Mac OS: Is iOS Eclipsing Over !

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It was astounding hearsay that Apple’s iOS devices sold in 2011 alone was greater than the accumulated number of Mac devices sold in 28 years. The company unprecedentedly sold 22 million units of iPod just in consecutive five years since its launch, and also, 37 million iPhone sold in Q4 last year. Despite of folks’ prolixity towards Mac devices, the company sold a record of 5.2 million Macs in Q4 (calendar) last year, up by 26% than same quarter a year ago. Macs accounted 5.4% of global PC shipment alone in Q4 last year, up from the 4.5% a year ago. In this time Apple seems very bullish towards its Macs business, and has unveiled “Mountain Lion”—a new version of its Mac OS X.

Apple’s CEO—Tim Cook—said, “We see that people are in love with a lot of the apps and functionality here. So, anywhere where it makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac.  Mac remains an incredibly important part of the company and that it is already benefiting from the success of the iPhone, particularly in China, where Mac sales doubled last year. They love the iPhone and so they then search out and look for the Mac. I don’t really think anything Microsoft does puts pressure on Apple.  Apple is focused on building the best product and the pressure on the company is “self-induced.”

Apple might launch its Mac software in late summer this year to accustom its tradition—the company launched its Mac OS X Lion a year ago in July. However, early version of the software will available for the developer from Thursday. Mac OS X “Lion” version has advanced gesture control features similar as iOS devices and also the apps screen display just like iPhone-grid. The New OS “Mountain Lion” would have the updates such as Apple’s Messaging services, notification app, gaming center, sharing features and integrated online services iCloud—lead the way for the iPad and iphone having iOS software.

The notification screen on the Mac’s new OS “Mountain Lion” devices will be the same as the scroll down screen on iPhones and iPads. The new Mac software will also support a feature Called Airplay mirroring—using this feature users could view what is on the screen of their iPhone and iPad and a television screen, just by connecting the devices with a $99 Apple TV device. Apple cloud services has reportedly now around 100 million accounts, which is going to let Mac OS X Mountain Lion’s users to create and edit the same documents on the Mac—similar to iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Beside this, Apple is going to provide a technology to Mac developers so that various Mac apps could seamlessly work with the documents in the cloud.

In latest Mac OS,  iMessage will be the substitute of Apple’s iChat instant messenger and chat services. Users could send pictures, HD videos and other attachment with 100 MB of size (to or from) to anyone having an iOS device. “Mountain Lion” would have a FaceTime button within the message app—will let the users to have a video calls. In addition to these, Apple social-gaming venue (more than 20,000 game enable center-enabled games in the app store in iOS) will also be integrated with “Mountain Lion” OS. The company has also taken a precautious step to protect the system. However, it seems that the company has always been precautious about the malware—which has paralyzed Windows PC.

Apple is moving out to create a fierce competition among the hardware manufacturers. The company is now  trying to put its all effort to make its Mac line Products more competitive than others. At the same time, the company is also endeavoring to experience the users the same like iOS devices.

via: The Wall Street Journal



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