Don’t Have iPhone But Love Siri: The Best Alternatives Of Siri [Video]

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If you are not a Apple fan but like its much-acclaimed voice recognition app, then here are the best alternatives of Siri, probably for your Android phone. iPhone has always been able to astonish and overwhelm its users with its features ever since its inception and even some of its features has been one of a kind which are then copied by other manufacturers. “Siri” has been one of the company’s prized possession that everyone has been trying to mimic with effective alternatives of Siri but in vein as it has taken years for the company to develop and test this product and it would take others much time to develop it from its root. Now, as most of the technology advancement has already been deployed by Apple in till date iPhone versions, God alone knows what innovative features the new iPhone would hold.

Siri is a innovative voice recognition software which is your virtual personal assistant on your iPhone 4S and can be stated as one of the major reasons behind the phones’ impeccable sales in the most recent quarter. Apple even came up with an ad to promote Siri. Ever since its introduction all other OS developers have been trying to come out with its “Own Siri”  – and claims it the best alternatives of Siri. For the matter of fact, Android itself is working on Siri alternative as secret project known as “Majel”. But other than this many third party app developers have developed a Siri replacement for the Android platform, some of them being Iris, Tellme, Skyvi and more.

In spite of all such appreciation, Siri didn’t sail a smooth launch. Many flaws have been found in Siri over the time; saying it consumes lot of data and even sometimes giving an abrupt answer to a question asked. It is also found not to be compatible with many other English accents, which is being worked on now though. Here are a few video’s to make it easier for you to know which among the personal assistants i.e of iOS and Android is better, but these being third party apps it cannot be judged properly till the speculated “Majel” of Android comes out.



If you are fascinated enough toward “Siri” but not a beloved member of Apple family, then you can try any of the above alternative. But remember, don’t forget to backup all your contacts and vital data before you jump into ‘trial-and-error’ mode.


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