Battlefield 3 is out and hot : Gear up For “War Of The Year”

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EA and DICE finally launched Battlefield 3 as the latest sequel for their blockbuster warfare game title, Battlefield and there is no doubt that the recent adrenaline raiser is breaking all the records of its predecessor. Battlefield 3 has won most of the awards of the gaming industry and to be more specific it has won 60 awards because of  its realistic graphics, never-before type destruction level, huge world maps, and multiplayer online action with support upto 64 players. The game is so good that people will invest for their PC’s graphics card in order to have hands on it. Ratings that hardcore gaming websites gave to battlefield 3 are remarkable i.e IGN gave 9/10, Gameinformer rated it as 9.5/10 and Gamespot rated battlefield 3 by 8.5/10.

See the trailer given below and you will definitely buy it.


Frostbite 2 game engine delivers amazing graphics and visual effects like water reflections, sun glares, bullet impacts and blazing lighting effects. The in-game details are really impressive but DICE’s latest engine needs some improvement on weird physics at some points of the game like killed soldiers remain on shooting positions which look seriously awkward. Sound effects of the game is mind-blowing as one can hear each every bullet going above their head and the crumbling walls of the devastated buildings. All in all Battlefield owns true realistic warfare shooter graphics paired with mind-boggling sound effects.


Battlefield 3 takes players deep into the online multiplayer gaming action which is one of the best available in the market. There are a whole lot of vehicles to drive and whole lot of weapons and multiple upgrades available for the weapons and for your soldier, though you have to unlock them. Campaign mode is also great but the storyline does not serve the purpose ” same old track against Russians”, yet the multiplayer action will surely make up for that.

In short Battlefield 3 is the must buy game of the season. Try it and you will either throw your PC or you will be proud of the realistically jhakkass graphics that your newly bought high-end graphics card will run.


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