Google Empowers Users to search By Voice and Images from Desktop

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As the technology is heading towards the advancement companies are transforming their services to the next level and allowing users to perform task easier either by “instant” results or by “voice”. Following the same technological aspect, today Google has added various features to desktop search engine at an event called “Inside Search” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, which allow users to perform the search either through their voice or by images.

Now you don’t need to juggle your fingers on keyboard while you need to perform any search activity on Google from your desktop. All you need to do is click on a mike icon placed at right hand side of the search box and say whatever you want to search. Google will instantly recognize your search criteria through your words and produce the best related search results.

Similarly, for images, Google has gone a step ahead and added the feature in image search which self-recognize the picture and perform search related to that image. Like voice search, users will notice an image icon on right hand side of search box. Whenever users want to perform the related image search, the will have t click the same icon to upload an image. Once uploaded, Google will recognize the related content or places of that image and will produce the images related to uploaded image.


Finally, Google Fellow Amit Singhal, who leads Google’s search algorithm and ranking team, announced a new version of Google Instant, called Instant Pages.

With this feature enabled, the top results come pre-loaded, allowing for near-instant page display and shaving vital seconds off the average search. “Speed is still the killer app,” said Singhal. Instant Pages will be rolling out in the Chrome browser only, over the next few weeks.


All above features are currently supporting Chrome browser and users will have to download an extension to use any of these services. Google has decided to roll out above features in phases and it will take few months for all users to get new features.


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