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Why Is Google Paying Rival Apple $3 Billion In Licensing Fee?

google paying to Apple for search engine on iOS devices
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google are two of the most recognizable names in the tech industry. Both companies were responsible for pioneering the smartphone revolution nearly a decade ago that now engulfs the entire world. Google is the gateway to the modern internet, while Apple moulded the smartphone into what it is today. Billions of people across the globe...

Why Does Apple Not Develop Its Own Search Engine For Safari Browser?

Search Engine on Safari Browser
Google is an internet search company, and an advertising revenue from AdWords accounts  for almost all of the company's profit. Google is neither a phone company nor targeting to enterprise customers. The company is basically known for developing mind-boggling web-related products such as Chrome, Gmail, Google Docs or Google Map. While on the other side, Apple manufactures a sequence of high-profile...

Facebook Search Engine Unveiled: Could “Graph Search” Challenge Google Search?

Finally, the Social Media Titan has launched much-anticipated and much awaited Facebook Search Engine, dubbed as “Graph Search”, on Tuesday. Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook – who hinted out about this some time back - described “Graph Search” as a privacy conscious search engine which allows Facebook users to search through only the contents which have been shared...

Over 33% Of Respondents Believe That Search Engines Sell Users’ Personal Data To Make Cash [Study]

Social networking sites
The Search Agency, in a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, found that among 2,006 U.S. adult Internet users. The Search Agency, in a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, found that among 2,006 U.S. adult Internet users, more than 33 percent of those questioned believe search engines make money by selling personal data to marketers. While, West online adult users...

Twitter On Its Drive In “Search” Of Cash!!

Though it’s really hard to maintain “real-time” search, Twitter specifies it as real-time itself, despite using humans to power it. So, for anyone’s expectation, real time search has to scroll out the data as quick as possible. Definitely, Twitter would be using enhanced algorithm to keep up this real-time search-- to bring up results quickly, rank them, and give...

Would We Ever Address The Search In Microsoft’s Terms – Hey, Bing It !!!!

Microsoft’s search rival Google is yet to make presence in our thesaurus as a verb; While on the other side, farther company's CEO--Steve Ballmer--has also saddled his efforts for 'Bing' to be used as verb. At present, Microsoft is facing stiff challenge in the online search space to make significant gain in the market against Google.However, general manager of influencer marketing...

Mozilla Firefox 10 Is Now Live: What’s Packed Inside The Box ?

Six weeks after releasing Firefox 9, the Mozilla Corporation, that makes the popular Web browser, has launched a brand new version called Firefox 10 for Windows, Macs, Linux machines and Android. The release is a part of the rapid release cycle that Mozilla has adopted and is the reason why the browser has swiftly moved from version 4 to...

Google Becomes The First Internet Company to Record 1 Billion Unique Visits A Month

If you are thinking that Facebook is one of the most popular site in the world with more than 650 million users, you wouldn’t be wrong. But still it has not touched 1 billion unique visits benchmark in a month yet. Google has left Facebook behind to record 1 billion unique visits in a month only to become first...

Google Empowers Users to search By Voice and Images from Desktop

As the technology is heading towards the advancement companies are transforming their services to the next level and allowing users to perform task easier either by “instant” results or by “voice”. Following the same technological aspect, today Google has added various features to desktop search engine at an event called “Inside Search” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San...

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