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Is The Strong Sales of iPhone 7 A Bad News For Apple?

sales of iphone 7 discount
We are quickly approaching that time of the year when we are bombarded by a slew of high-end smartphone launches. Premier of those is the annual launch of a next generation iPhone. The upcoming launch of the successors of iPhone 7, purportedly being called iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the mysterious "iPhone 8", are vital for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)...

Apple iPhone 8 Not Exciting Users: Only 26% of US iPhone Users Willing to Upgrade [STUDY]

upgrade to iPhone 8
As we are gradually approaching Q3 of 2017, we are nearing that time of the year when the whole world keenly awaits Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to unveil their next flagship that will inevitably become the gold standard to which all smartphones will be measured up to. This year is just an extra bit special though, as it marks the 10th...

India To Account For 36% of New Mobile Subscribers Worldwide By 2020 [REPORT]

The advent of the smartphone revolution and new wireless technologies has forever changed the world as we know it. Thanks to this, today the entire world is connected. The latest data from GSMA Intelligence estimates that the number of mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 5.7 billion by 2020, growing at the CAGR of 4.2%. While the developed marketers have saturated,...

Why Is Xiaomi Not Going to Venture Into The US Or UK Anytime Soon

xiaomi in US UK
Founded in 2010, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi's meteoric rise has been unprecedented in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi has evolved from just another Chinese company manufacturing budget friendly smartphones to one of the most valuable startups in the world. However, a most curious facet of Xiaomi's story so far is their conspicuous absence from western markets, most notably the United States and...

iPhone Sales Are About To Explode As Apple Prepares For The Biggest Upgrade Cycle Ever

apple iphone 8 sales US worldwide
2017 is a crucial year for smartphone giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The consequences of this year will be far-reaching and be felt for years to come, especially on the sales of iPhone. As we reported earlier, 2017 marks a departure from the norm for Apple in more than one way as Apple gear up to release not two, but...

Facebook To Beat Google In Digital Display Ad Revenue In 2017 [REPORT]

digital display ad revenue
The spending on digital advertising in the US is set for another year of startling growth. But the major eye-popping fact is the strengthening position of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) in digital display ad market which will widen the gap with Google.The research firm eMarketer estimates that in the US, total spending on digital advertising will reach $83 billion in 2017. This...

E-commerce Sales In the US Grow 15.6% in 2016, Accounts for 11.7% of The Total Retail Sales [REPORT]

E-commerce sales in the US
The U.S. Department of Commerce has recently released a report that highlights the flourishing e-commerce scenario in the U.S. According to the report, e-commerce industry in the US accounted for 11.7% of the total retail sales for the year 2016, grew 15.6% year over year.The total retail sales in the US for 2016 is estimated to be at $4,832.7 billion....

Why Is Mobile App Development in India 10x Cheaper Than In The US

mobile app development india
If you’re looking to build a career as an App developer in India, now is a great time. According to a recent study by Hyperlink Infosystem, the average cost to develop a mobile app in India, either on Android or iOS platforms, is almost ten times cheaper than in the United States.These findings also come as great news for...

The Average Selling Price of iPhone in India Is Much Lower than Other Countries

So you also thought that the price of iPhone in India is way beyond affordability and exaggerating? We thought so too until we saw the bigger picture! India ranks in the 6th position out of 72 other countries in terms of the lowest average selling price (ASP) for iPhones. According to a recent report by eCommerce company Linio, the...

Rising Sales of iPhone 7 Is Helping Apple Win Back Lost Ground [REPORT]

sales of iphone 7 in us europe china japan
Android has been dominating the smartphone OS market with nearly 85% of the market share in 2016. For the last few years, Android has further strengthened its smartphone market share as iOS from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been losing grounds. However, looks like Apple iOS is all set to reclaim its lost market in the smartphone segment. In a recent report from Kantar World Panel, Apple iOS has witnessed...

The Avg Internet Speed In the US Clocked 15.3 Mbps in Q2 2016 [REPORT]

internet speed in the US
Along with the number of internet users, the growth of internet infrastructure in the US is apparently stagnated. The latest data on the average internet speed in the US is a clear sign that the country needs to upgrade its digital backbone as soon as possible to stay competitive and to secure a position in the global list of...

Amazon Is Making Google Anxious: 55% Shoppers Hit Amazon [REPORT]

Amazon product search
"Many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon", Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc., said once. Today, nearly after two years, we all are surprised to see how accurate he was then. So, what are the numbers saying?According to a recent survey report by Bloomreach,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has...

YouTube Most Popular With Teens in the U.S. But Online Safety Still A Major Concern!

most popular website among US teens
In the U.S., there are 286.9 million Internet users, that indicating a penetration of 88.5 percent. Emails and social networking sites are the most popular modes of engagement on the web in the U.S., but its YouTube which has emerged as the most popular website and app for online content consumption.According to a recent study from National Cyber Security Alliance...

Only 23% of Mobile Shoppers in the US Do 50% of Holiday Shopping Online [REPORT]

online mobile shoppers in US
The holiday season in the US is just a few months away, and so is the inevitable war between the eCommerce portals to garner the maximum customer attention. From Mega Sales to Big Billion Days, companies put their best foot forward to attract customers via discounts and offers. In the US, most online shoppers buy gifts to pamper themselves as...

Smartphone App Usage In the US: Users Spend 50% of Their Online Time in Apps [REPORT]

With more than 5.7 million apps available for download, smartphone users prefer apps for communicating, social networking, entertainment and gaming. According to the latest report by ComScore, smartphone app usage in the US the on the rise as smartphone users spend 50% of their online time on apps as of July 2016, ticking up from 41% in 2014 and 44% in 2015. The...

Mobile Payment Apps in the US: 80% Internet Users Are Unlikely To Use Any [STUDY]

mobile payment app usage us 2016
The adoption of mobile payment apps in the US has been flat over the course of the time and the prospects appear gloomy in the upcoming years as well. The Internet users in the US seem quite content with the traditional payment methods and are quite unlikely to adopt the mobile payment apps anytime soon. According to a recent...

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