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The Avg Internet Speed In the US Clocked 15.3 Mbps in Q2 2016 [REPORT]

internet speed in the US
Along with the number of internet users, the growth of internet infrastructure in the US is apparently stagnated. The latest data on the average internet speed in the US is a clear sign that the country needs to upgrade its digital backbone as soon as possible to stay competitive and to secure a position in the global list of...

Amazon Is Making Google Anxious: 55% Shoppers Hit Amazon [REPORT]

Amazon product search
"Many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon", Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc., said once. Today, nearly after two years, we all are surprised to see how accurate he was then. So, what are the numbers saying?According to a recent survey report by Bloomreach, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has...

YouTube Most Popular With Teens in the U.S. But Online Safety Still A Major Concern!

most popular website among US teens
In the U.S., there are 286.9 million Internet users, that indicating a penetration of 88.5 percent. Emails and social networking sites are the most popular modes of engagement on the web in the U.S., but its YouTube which has emerged as the most popular website and app for online content consumption.According to a recent study from National Cyber Security Alliance...

Only 23% of Mobile Shoppers in the US Do 50% of Holiday Shopping Online [REPORT]

online mobile shoppers in US
The holiday season in the US is just a few months away, and so is the inevitable war between the eCommerce portals to garner the maximum customer attention. From Mega Sales to Big Billion Days, companies put their best foot forward to attract customers via discounts and offers. In the US, most online shoppers buy gifts to pamper themselves as...

Smartphone App Usage In the US: Users Spend 50% of Their Online Time in Apps [REPORT]

With more than 5.7 million apps available for download, smartphone users prefer apps for communicating, social networking, entertainment and gaming. According to the latest report by ComScore, smartphone app usage in the US the on the rise as smartphone users spend 50% of their online time on apps as of July 2016, ticking up from 41% in 2014 and 44% in 2015. The...

Mobile Payment Apps in the US: 80% Internet Users Are Unlikely To Use Any [STUDY]

mobile payment app usage us 2016
The adoption of mobile payment apps in the US has been flat over the course of the time and the prospects appear gloomy in the upcoming years as well. The Internet users in the US seem quite content with the traditional payment methods and are quite unlikely to adopt the mobile payment apps anytime soon. According to a recent...

72% Smartphone Users Are Not Willing to Upgrade Before 2 Years [STUDY]

A strong majority of smartphone users in the US is not willing to upgrade their smartphones any sooner. Nearly, half of the US smartphone users wait at least 3 years before upgrading to a newer smartphone. This explains why the US market is moving towards saturation.According to ad tech firm Fluent, 30% of the smartphone users admitted that they upgrade...

Why the Government Has to Invest in Ironclad Cloud Security

Cloud Security
We all have sensitive information on our computers and in the cloud, but it’s nothing compared to what the government has to manage. Even though the Obama administration announced their intent to use cloud-first policies in 2010, government entities have been slow to adopt new technologies due to concerns over cloud security.Recent events would suggest that their concern is...

The Growth of Mcommerce In The US: $123 Bln Market in 2016 [REPORT]

mcommerce sales in the US 2016 - 2020
While the smartphone industry may have hit a major road block in 2016, the impressive growth and penetration that it has managed to achieve in mature markets like the US, have now started to influence other industrial sectors as well. Today we take a look at the M-commerce industry in the US that in recent times has been fuelled...

LTE Smartphones And IoT to Drive the Future of Mobile Communication [REPORT]

mobile subscriptions by region 2015 - 2021
The year 2015 had been massive for the mobile and smartphone industry. While phones themselves have not evolved as much, we have seen a definite trend towards more capable phones in the budget categories. The influx of cheap LTE-capable devices from various Chinese OEMs have changed the way people are accessing the internet. If we take a look at...

YouTube Gets More Visits Than Facebook But Lags Behind In Active Usage [REPORT]

countries with maximum time spend on social media
Along with the time the human life is evolving, connectivity groomed itself into a powerful medium to keep the world intact. Man being a social animal, in this digital world cannot afford losing connectivity even for a second. As connectivity is vital, a person now has become a digital consumer connected worldwide. This is evident in the Q3 2015...

36% Smartphone Owners Use Messaging Apps, Women Prefer Auto-Delete Apps [REPORT]

Mobile Messaging apps usage in US
In the wake of the second decade of this new millennium, an online presence has become more than necessary. Several platforms are available to grab the attention of users and allow them to connect both at a personal as well as professional level. Mobile messaging has gone viral since the arrival of apps like WhatsApp (2009), Kik (2010), Snapchat...

Online Shoppers Don’t Search or Reach Social Media First [STUDY]

According to Statista by the end of 2015, it is expected that 1.2 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online. But, in an era of the internet when online shoppers are bombarded with tens of offers and discounts every day, it's has become imperative for eStores to track and analyse their shoppers' activities and align their offerings....

The Revival of Apple iPhone: Android Smartphones Facing Heat

Apple iPhone was launched in Europe on Nov 9, 2007. The locked sim model which was then popular with Apple caused controversies and legal issues in several European countries including Germany, France, and Italy. However, it didn’t tarnish the image of the brand among customers who were lined up a day in advance to lay their hands on the...

Diversity in Newsrooms: Still A Major Concern

In the mid-1960s, a major civil unrest broke in the United States gaining a nationwide coverage. This was sparked by the unequal treatment of minorities in various sectors across the country. Following this, the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders was constituted. Their primary job was to find out the cause of this unrest and to suggest solutions to...

Global Mobile Shopping Industry to Grow by 32% In 2016 [REPORT]

content consumption pattern in US
The billowing of eCommerce having changed shopping habits is no secret. With eCommerce stated to cross $2.489 trillion by 2018 (excluding travel and event ticketing) and the travel and tourism industry alone having reached $7.58 trillion of total contribution to global GDP in 2014, what we see seems just the tip of the iceberg. Add to this the expected 2 billion...

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