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Amazon Prime Members In the US: 63.9 Million By The End Of 2019

Amazon Prime members in US
With over $800 billion market cap, Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one of the biggest companies in the world right now. The vast array of its ventures and their respective successes have made its CEO, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and top donor as well. However, an important part of its success has been the Prime initiative....

TikTok Edging Close to Facebook, Hits The One Billion Downloads Mark!

TikTok downloads
One must be living under the rocks if they don't know about the most popular social video app as of now, TikTok! This Chinese app which has long disrupted the social video sharing category, closing in on Western firms like Facebook and Snapchat has now hit yet another benchmark. Amidst metaphorical drum-rolls, TikTok has enlisted itself into the big-billion group;...

The Curious Case Of Amazon: $800 Bn Valuation, $11.2 Bn Profit And Whopping $0 Tax

Amazon profit and tax 2018
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is currently valued at $800 billion - the third most valued tech firm, trailing behind only Microsoft and Apple - the two tech behemoths.Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder - Amazon.com, toppled Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, to become the richest person alive on this planet last year.To top it all, in fiscal 2018, the company reported...

Facebook Negotiating Record Penalty For Alleged Privacy Breaches

facebook paying fine
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly negotiating with the U.S. government a record, multi-billion dollar fine for breaching user privacy, after being accused of sharing personal information regarding 87 million users inappropriately with the now defunct British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.The breaches might cost the Mark Zuckerberg owned network dear because, as per a Washington Post report, the penalty might...

Smart Speakers Market 2018: Apple HomePod’s Growth Stagnates

smart speakers market US 2018
Smart speakers are fast rising up the ladder with regards to consumer electronics in the United States. As the smart speakers' user base growing at a pretty healthy rate, it offers a lucrative market for a rather limited number of players that grace space. The usual suspects - Apple, Google and Amazon - do indeed control most of the...

How “Screws” Screwed Up Apple’s iPhone Assembly Plans in US

iPhone manufacturing in the US
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been going through a lot of ups and mostly downs in recent times. Flatlining iPhone sales has is the most highlighted one among all the problems at its disposal. The dismal performance in its fiscal Q1 2019, ended on December 31, also indicate the gloomy year as compared to the previous years.But things can get...

Total Number of Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Globally

Total Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the total number of Netflix streaming subscribers, globally, in each quarter, between 2012 and 2018. The total number of Netflix streaming subscribers in Q4 2018 clocked 148.48 million, adding 11.35 million new users in its fiscal Q4 2018. In the latest year, Netflix streaming subscribers count increased by nearly 30 million users. It was Netflix Streaming subscribers in...

Number of Netflix Streaming Subscribers, by Region

Netflix Streaming Subscribers, by Quarter
 The above DGraph represents the number of Netflix streaming subscribers by region. In total, there are 148 million Netflix streaming subscribers worldwide. Interestingly, the home market alone accounts for 40% of them as the total number of Netflix streaming users in the US has crossed 60 million in Q4 2018. The rest 87.9 million Netflix streaming subscribers are from other...

The Sales Of iPhone XS Max In China Much Higher Than The US And The Rest Of The World

iPhone XS Max sales in China and US
When Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) first introduced iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max little did anyone know that the most expensive iPhone, ever launched by the world's most valuable company, is going to be the most in demand. Many analysts believed that the sales of iPhone XS Max would largely be driven by the ultra-loyal fanboys of Apple in...

US Digital Ad Spending 2018: Facebook Eclipses YouTube To Drive The Growth!

Seems like the revenue juggernaut of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) won't be decelerating any sooner, despite the patched scandal-coat it adorns every time! With the recent forecast by eMarketer, digital video advertising in the US is quite above the mark of silver lining and is most likely to shine for a while now. And guess what? Facebook dominates the...

Microsoft Outdistances Amazon To Reign as the Second Most Valuable Company In The US!

most valuable company in the US
As the world's top companies have started announcing their financial results for Q3 2018, their quarterly performance has directly impacted their ranking. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) continues to reign as the most valuable company in the US. However, looks like someone else has positioned itself as the novel No. 2 in the town and it's none other than Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT)! Most Valuable...

The Refurbished Smartphones Market In India Is Growing 2X The New Smartphones Market

refurbished smartphones market in India Q2 2018
Amid the saturation in few of the largest smartphone markets, the growth of the global smartphone industry has been slowing down for the last few quarters. All eyes are set on India considering low smartphone penetration and huge untapped market. Factoring the price-sensitive nature of buyers in India, the demand for refurbished smartphones is bound to rise. But what is...

Facebook In For Darker Times After A Year Filled With Controversies

facebook usage in the US
In the world of tech, the word Facebook has become synonymous with controversy. And with good reason as well. The Mark Zuckerberg led company did not just have major charges and allegations levelled against them, but they admitted to them as well. Incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal create trust issues between the company and its users. This,...

Number of Facebook Monthly Active Users Worldwide, By Region

Facebook Monthly Active Users by Region (3)
The above graph represents the growth in the number of Facebook monthly active users by region from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018. Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users by the end of Q4 2018. As the graph represents, the growth in the number of Facebook monthly users in the US & Canada has almost stagnated in the last few...

The Implications of GDPR in the United States All Companies Must Pay Attention To

implications of GDPR
The recent Facebook fiasco trigged a debate on the safety and security of internet users' data collected by tech giants, including Google. While many countries are still evaluating many proposed practices to safeguard the private information of their countrymen, EU set some strict deadline, 25 May 2018, for publishers worldwide to adhere to GDPR, which European Parliament passed in April...

Is Mobile the Future Destination of E-Commerce for Young Consumers?

mobile ecommerce shopping
The impact of smartphone revolution seems to have maximum impact on the youth or generation Z, as some people like to call them. The way mobile apps have proven their utility, especially among young people is simply unprecedented. From games to messaging to even taking online classes, apps have become extremely handy tools for these young guns. In other words,...

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