Facebook Monthly Active Users By Region: Q1 2009 – Q3 2021

The below graph represents the number of Facebook monthly active users by region. Out of the total 2.9 billion Facebook global MAUs in Q3 2021, nearly 44% came from the APAC region, followed by Europe, and then US & Canada.

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The above graph represents the number of Facebook monthly active users by region from fiscal Q1 2009 to Q3 2021. As of September 2021, approximately 2.9 billion people are using Facebook every month. Interestingly, a majority (44%) of Facebook global MAUs came from the APAC region, followed by Europe, and then US & Canada.

RegionAPAC, Europe, US & Canada, Rest of World
SourceFacebook Quarterly ReportsSEC Filings
Graph ID111
NoteFacebook fiscal year starts from January 1st

As the graph represents, the growth in the number of Facebook monthly users in the US & Canada has almost stagnated in the last few quarters. Facebook added only 6 million new MAUs from the US & Canada region between Q4 2018 and Q4 2019. The number of Facebook MAUs from the US & Canada has increased to 248 million in Q4 2019.

The situation in Europe is comparatively better. Facebook’s MAUs from Europe increased to 394 million in Q4 2019, from 381 million in Q4 2018. That means in the last one year, 13 million new people used the social networking site or app in a month.

On the contrary, the total number of Facebook users in the APAC region is increasing at a rapid pace. Q2 2019 was the first time when the number of Facebook monthly active users in the APAC region crossed 1 billion mark. About 1,003 million people from APAC logged in to Facebook. The figure increased to 1,038 million by the end of Q4 2019.

The Rest of the world also has a significant contribution to the growth of worldwide users of Facebook. In the last one year, 67 million new monthly active users have joined Facebook from the Rest of the World. 

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