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Smartphones Worth $181 Billion Sold In China And India In 2018 [REPORT]

smartphone sales India China 2018
The global smartphone industry showed trends of improvement in 2018. According to a report from GFK, global smartphone sales increased 5% amounting to $522 billion in 2018. However, it's the contribution of the APAC region which is no less than a surprise. A whopping $254 billion worth of the smartphones sold in the Asia Pacific region alone!The report also...

The Rise of Online Gambling Market In the APAC Region

The internet has brought the world together in a way that other inventions never could. It gave us instant access to information, money making, entertainment and much more. We don’t realise but it has undoubtedly changed the way we see and experience life itself. Just like it changed us, it has also changed almost every industry, small business owners...

Mobile Games Have Turned The APAC Region Into The Most Lucrative Market For App Developers Worldwide

iOS app market in APAC
The app store is one of the fundamental pillars supporting the truly massive smartphone ecosystem that omnipresent everywhere today. It is not only a massive source of revenue, but it is also a major driver in the consumer smartphone investment decision. As one of the two major competing app stores in the world today, the iOS App Store is...

Number of Facebook Monthly Active Users Worldwide, By Region

Facebook Monthly Active Users by Region (3)
The above graph represents the growth in the number of Facebook monthly active users by region from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018. Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users by the end of Q4 2018. As the graph represents, the growth in the number of Facebook monthly users in the US & Canada has almost stagnated in the last few...

Facebook Revenue Q2 2018: Despite Higher MAUs, APAC Disappoints

Facebook revenue Q2 2018
The Social Media leviathan, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) recently released it's earnings results for Q2 2018 and seems like, it is neck-deep in hot water!The air around Facebook cannot be under wraps for a long time, given its public esteem. Facebook witnessed disastrous earnings for the second quarter of this year. With the deceleration in revenue growth and outpaced results, intense headwinds...

4.6 Billion Estimated VoLTE Subscriptions Worldwide By 2022; APAC to Drive The Adoption [REPORT]

VoLTE subscription APAC Europe America 2017 - 2022
We live in an era of technology defined by convenience, accessibility, and perhaps most of all - mobility. Traditional digital platforms are rapidly being outmoded by more mobile solutions in more portable packages. With the increased proliferation of modern cellular technologies and the smartphone revolution well and truly under way, we see an unprecedented shift towards mobile to satisfy...

The Number of Unique Mobile Subscribers Worldwide Hits 5 Billion In Q2 2017 With 67% Penetration [REPORT]

Worldwide unique mobile users Q2 2017
This month achieved yet another milestone for the global mobile industry as the total number of unique mobile subscribers worldwide has crossed the 5 billion mark. This means that nearly 67% of the world's population is now connected via mobile. This is yet another tremendous achievement for the mobile, which has taken over the entire world. Despite being only a few...

India Records 87% Growth In Average Internet Speed in Q1 2017 [REPORT]

Average internet speed APAC Q1 2017
In India, the average internet speed is one of the major discussion points among the leaders of new digital India. In mid-2016, the United Nations passed a non-binding resolution proclaiming the internet as a basic human right. This is just further proof of the immense importance of the internet in the modern world. Today, technological development is intrinsically linked to...

India To Account For 36% of New Mobile Subscribers Worldwide By 2020 [REPORT]

The advent of the smartphone revolution and new wireless technologies has forever changed the world as we know it. Thanks to this, today the entire world is connected. The latest data from GSMA Intelligence estimates that the number of mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 5.7 billion by 2020, growing at the CAGR of 4.2%. While the developed marketers have saturated,...

Mobile App Store Revenue To Exceed $139 Billion By 2021: A Look At Mature And Emerging App Markets Worldwide [REPORT]

mobile app revenue 2016 - 2021
Ever since the launch of Apple App Store back in July 2008, the worldwide mobile app industry, especially mobile app downloads and mobile app store revenue, has experienced unprecedented growth. The incredible proliferation and ubiquitous adoption of smartphones and the advancement in wireless technology were the major driving factors in giving rise to the mobile app-based ecosystem that is...

India Records 99% Growth In Average Internet Speed In 2016: Clocks 5.6 Mbps [REPORT]

India average internet speed 2017
The average Internet speed in India has been doubled in the last year, clocking 5.6 Mbps in Q4 2016, according to the latest report from Akamai. The improving internet infrastructure in the country has helped India to gain a position in the list of Top 100 countries with fastest average internet speed for the very first time. The 99%...

56.8% of Internet Users in APAC Consume Digital Video Content [REPORT]

digital video viewers in APAC
Marketers are turning to video marketing to engage with their audience more. The audio-visual in the form of storytelling has helped marketers capture the attention of their users. Social media platforms are also opening up newer avenues for video marketing. With the rising popularity of internet and smartphones, online videos are garnering positive reviews everywhere. A new report from eMarketer states that...

The Average Internet Speed in India Q3 2016 Clocks Nothing But Disappointment [REPORT]

Average Internet speed in india Q3 2016
As the world is looking at APAC region for the future growth, Internet infrastructure is playing a vital role to keep the market live up to the expectations. Unfortunately, the disappointing slow improvement in the average internet speed in India and China is holding the APAC region from conquering the world. According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Report for...

Mobile Shoppers in APAC Region Prefer Apps to Make A Purchase [REPORT]

mobile shoppers in APAC
Staying connected has become an integral part of life, most of which is catalysed by our smartphones. We need and have an app for every task- shopping, banking, learning, payments, medical facilities and the list goes on. It is not something that is critical for survival but around 56 percent consumers around the world cannot imagine life without mobile...

The Peak Internet Speed In India Is Slower Than the Avg. Internet Speed in South Korea [REPORT]

average internet speed in India vs apac
The state of internet in India has been improving at a very slow and unstable pace. Between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016, the average internet speed in India has improved by 54%, to 3.6 Mbps, according to the latest report from Akamai. The improved internet infrastructure in India has helped the country to improve its global ranking to 113th...

LTE Smartphones And IoT to Drive the Future of Mobile Communication [REPORT]

mobile subscriptions by region 2015 - 2021
The year 2015 had been massive for the mobile and smartphone industry. While phones themselves have not evolved as much, we have seen a definite trend towards more capable phones in the budget categories. The influx of cheap LTE-capable devices from various Chinese OEMs have changed the way people are accessing the internet. If we take a look at...

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