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Rajeesh is a tech enthusiast who keeps a keen eye on all the latest trends and updates of the internet industry all around the globe. Being an internet marketing professional, he has good experience working with most of the internet brands and online tools out there.
Google acquires Twitter

Google Is Exploring Twitter Acquisition Once Again; And It Makes Sense!

Right from the beginning, Google (Alphabt Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)) has established a habit of acquiring potential companies to expand their reach on every platform...

Apple iOS Must Be The First Choice of Advertisers and App Developers [REPORT]

Mobile, as well as social media, has evolved as key platform nowadays to establish a business and to market the brand all over the globe...
marketing budget

30% Marketers Will Spend 29% – 49% of Marketing Budget On Digital [REPORT]

Digital spending has always been an area of debate in almost every single company worldwide. The prominence of the digital world, thanks to social...
event sharing activities

51% Event Attendees Stay Engaged In Branded Photo Sharing [REPORT]

Over the time, offline factors such as events have played an important role in improving the brand value of the sponsors and the main...

RMSI Overtakes Google As India’s Best Company to Work In 2015 [REPORT]

Google India is finally outranked by the domestic IT firm, RMSI to be crowned as India’s best company to work in 2015, according to...
Interbrand 100 Social Media Activity

Social Media Marketing Will Account Up to 22.5% Of Digital Marketing Budget [REPORT]

Currently, Social Media connects over 2 billion people of the overall global population. In spite of being the only digital medium that interconnects such...
Social Login Trends Over the Years

Social Login Trends 2014 – 2015: Facebook And Google Authenticate 80% Login [REPORT]

Since its introduction, users have always favored social login options over traditional sign ups or logins. In the latest Social Login Trend report of...

Mobile Users 82% More Attentive Than TV Viewers for Ads [REPORT]

The rise of the smartphone industry has steadily pushed the large screen TVs towards oblivion. A recent Facebook study suggested that users were more attentive and emotional while...
online video views on mobile

50% Of Online Video Views Will Be On Mobile By End of 2015 [REPORT]

As the number of active smartphone users worldwide is estimated to touch 2 billion in 2015, the preferred platform for watching videos is seeing a...

Smartphone Apps Usage Behaviour 2015: Messaging Apps Drive The Engagement [REPORT]

With the rise in the number of Smartphone users worldwide, many startups and established technology firms are busy building mobile apps with an aim...
Mobile-Friendliness of Search Results by Position

83% Of The Top Results On Google Are Tagged As Mobile-Friendly [REPORT] – Dazeinfo

A couple of months ago, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) released yet another algorithm update that was meant to affect SERPs of web pages based on...

50 Smartest Companies 2015: Xiaomi Beats Apple, Facebook And Microsoft

Yet again, MIT’s Technology Review blog has listed top 50 Smartest Companies for 2015. Otherwise flooded with companies from Electronics or Computing industry, the...
Usage of Social Media Platforms by Industries

Facebook And Instagram Driving The Social Media Growth Of Retail Brands [REPORT]

With the rising popularity of social networks around the globe, gone are the days when people relied on a single social networking platform to...
brands on facebook sucks

Brands On Facebook Ignore 87% of Customers’ FeedBack Posted On Pages Directly [REPORT]

Fan Page feature on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has made it easy for top brands to interact with their loyal customers and improve their brand...

Engagement on Twitter Can Make You More Innovative, Says MIT [STUDY]

Twitter is no longer just a micro-blogging tool used for posting updates or pictures of your daily life or sharing news with your followers....

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