51% Event Attendees Stay Engaged In Branded Photo Sharing [REPORT]

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Over the time, offline factors such as events have played an important role in improving the brand value of the sponsors and the main organizers of the supposed event. So, if you are not yet getting the maximum out from your events or exhibitions, Tagkast – an event marketing technology – brings forth a study suggesting that more than half of the attendees are sharing branded photos during the events in 2015 and thereby expanding the organic reach of the brand over the world.

For the study, around 2,600 events in 2014 and 2015 were monitored and the average share rates of branded photos posted by consumers were recorded. Looking at the figures analyzed during the study from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015, there is a huge increase in social sharing through tablet photo marketing platforms from 25% to 51%. The results show that consumers or attendees are adapting towards better ways to share the event updates with their friends and followers, even more now, than in the previous years.

High Endorsement Scores vs Low Endorsement Scores

Based on the scores divided into High Social Endorsement and Low Social Endorsement, it was found that Concert and Music events registered highest social endorsement score at 53%. Fundraising events, Product launches at Bar and Recreational Activities were a close second with their social endorsement scores at 50% to 51%.

Average Social Rate by Event Type
Average Social Rate by Event Type

With 45% social endorsement rate, Sports events, and Cultural events or festivals have also managed to register High Social Endorsement scores. Even after registering 96% growth in terms of sharing, events like Auto Shows demonstrated a pretty low endorsement score at 32%. From these results, we can deduce that the events from the entertainment industry such as music or sports are encouraging people to share more over social media in comparison to other events.

However, the industries with low endorsement scores mustn’t be ruled out yet. Although they score less in terms of social sharing during the events compared to other industries, their events produce good ROI as they focus on the targeted audience rather than the mass. In events like Auto Shows, sponsors encourage attendees to take pictures while interacting with a car and hence improve the quality of social endorsements. Such social endorsement even though low in numbers can help promoting the product via cultivating purchase intent through such personalized photo sharing that encourage engagement within the user’s post.

Favored Platform for Sharing

The advent of social media into our daily lifestyle can be seen from the fact that social media sharing took over the command from email delivery in a span of one year. In Q1 2014, the major branded photo sharing happened through email delivery recording 76% of shares while Facebook accounted only 21% of total shares. However in Q1 2015, branded sharing through email delivery dropped to 49% whereas sharing via Social Media shot up to 51% and hence gaining the upper hand over email as a medium.


Branded Photo Sharing by Platform
Branded Photo Sharing by Platform

Given the fact that, social media is just a touch away now for most users due to the growth of Smartphone industry worldwide, the event organizers, managers , and sponsors are focusing more on social media today rather than other platforms to encourage branded photo sharing. According to the report, brand sponsors are encouraging photo endorsements, as images attract 94% more total views compared to text-only updates.

Key Findings of the Study

  • Its best to hire a professional event management company that helps you with enabling branded photo sharing at events.
  • The focus should be more on ROI rather than Endorsement scores as low endorsement scores doesn’t always mean failure of the event.
  • Photo sharing, as a habit, is quickly gaining popularity among event attendees.
  • Employing branded photo sharing initiatives would help in building the organic reach of a brand globally.
  • To gain better ROI, encouraging attendees to share branded photos is beneficial, considering social sharing is more accepted than any other method of sharing.


With more and more people getting comfortable sharing selfies and photos of the event they have been to, be it for memories or for the pseudo-fame that it would elicit, its best for brands to start taking advantage of this phenomena. Another reason to rejoice for event managers is, along with the fact that images are easier to relate to than plain text, they also seem to act as a content quality signal by some search engines and are better ranked than most text only updates. So, be it recording happenings or snapping away to fame, this mode of branding seems a win-win for both stakeholders of the experiences.


  1. Hi Rajeesh, great article. I had been thinking on the similar grounds about engagement of attendees during Events. I wrote a blog post where I suggested to use Event hashtags and ask attendees to share their pictures from the event using the hashtag. To encourage the habit, event organizers can Project the images posted by the attendees on a screen, live during the event. If you would like to read more and give your opinion. TIA 🙂


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