RMSI Overtakes Google As India’s Best Company to Work In 2015 [REPORT]

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Google India is finally outranked by the domestic IT firm, RMSI to be crowned as India’s best company to work in 2015, according to a study by Economic Times partnered with Great Place to Work Institute. For this study, Economic Times surveyed more than 1.8 Lakh employees across 20 different sectors among the 700 companies that signed up for the research.

Topped the list of best companies to work for in India for five consecutive years since 2010, this year Google India stumbled down to the second place, making way for the Delhi-based IT Services company RMSI which held the top position in the 2009 survey as well. From nowhere in the Top 100 list after 2009, RMSI, in spite of low budgets, outranked biggies like Intel Technologies and Marriott Hotels India both of which held the second and third position respectively in 2014.

In spite of the shuffling at the top two positions, the third, fourth and fifth place remained unchanged in 2015 with Marriott Hotels India, American Express and SAP Labs India retaining their positions from the previous year. However, Godrej Consumer Products and Intuit Technology Services stepped one rank up to be placed at sixth and seventh places respectively pushing Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd. out of the top 10 this year.


How Are Companies Piled Up in Top 100?

Almost one-fourth of the overall list were dominated by the IT sector companies with major IT companies like Google India, SAP Labs India, Microsoft India and Adobe Systems making it to the top 25 in the list. Given the fact that, 3 out of top 5 in the list belonged to the IT industry, there’s no doubt that the employees preferred working more at an IT company compared to other companies from different industries.

Also, the first top 25 companies in the list were dominated by MNCs over Indian companies suggesting that Indian companies need to buckle up to be among the top desired companies in the country. However, in the next top 25, we could find a lot more Indian companies compared to MNCs which evidently proves that Indian companies are making sustained moves towards improving the workplace culture in order to attract employees from all over the country.

All the 8 companies from the Hospitality industry in the list managed to secure a place each within the top 50 with companies like Marriott Hotels India and Accor Hotels earning a place among the top 10. It was clear that employees in the hospitality industry were handled quite well compared to other sectors.

Overall, there were 22 new organizations in the 2015 edition of top 100 companies to work in India who were never featured in any of the previous lists. The others had managed to secure their place at least once in the previous years. The key finding of the survey also suggested that around 73% respondents involved in research were quite positive about their workplaces.

In the survey, almost every company revealed their strengths as well as areas of improvement. Hence, these companies were also ranked in terms of a specific category such as Friendliness, Workplace Safety, Non-discrimination policy, Trust Management etc. Most of these categories selected for ranking were based on the overall development of the employee.


Special Category Winners

What Were the Focus Areas?

The survey was conducted by Great Place To Work Institute to list the Best 100 Companies To Work in India for the year 2015. As always, the main focus area was to find the top companies based on the experience and viewpoints of the employees.

Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute relied on two basic factors while assessing the 700 companies which participated in the survey: 1) Employee Perspective of Great Place to Work and 2) Management Practices

The main idea was to learn from the employees themselves about what they believe or think regarding a great workspace within a company. They were asked the question to assess the most common requirements or amenities that these 1.8 Lakh employees involved in survey expected from their employer.

Another factor were the Management Practices employed by the companies that covered areas like inspiring, hiring, caring, developing, sharing, listening, celebrating, speaking, and thanking. All the companies which participated in the survey were judged on these 2 basic factors to create the list of best 100 companies to work for in 2015.

How Companies Can Get into Top 100?

Most of the companies that fared well to claim the top places on the list followed great management practices such as:

  • promoting the employees for their great work
  • sharing profits within the organization
  • training and development to improve professionally
  • assigning and coordinating people within the team in the best possible manner

However, many companies lagged behind to fulfill those practices. The major concern areas besides the above management practices where companies must focus on to improve their rankings, are as follows:

  • Management should avoid favoritism within the organization and treat each employee fairly.
  • Management should make sure to avoid politicking and backstabbing within the organization.
  • Fair pay must be offered to all the well deserved employees.
  • No age, race or gender discrimination should prevail within the organization.

After all fair practices encourage fair play and those who play fair are sure to be recognized and win the competition emerging the best.


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