Apple iOS Must Be The First Choice of Advertisers and App Developers [REPORT]

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Mobile, as well as social media, has evolved as key platform nowadays to establish a business and to market the brand all over the globe in an economical way. Seeing the rise in mobile advertising in the past couple of years, Opera Media Works conducted a study which found that Social Media ranks as the first “app of the day”.

Opera Media Works, a first mobile ad platform has analysed the data from 90% of the top Ad Age Global Advertisers which contributes up to more than 1.1 billion users and over 19000 sites and apps. Although the number of Android users worldwide trumps the number of iOS users, the advertisers prefer iOS platform as it promises better video and monetization potential compared to other competitor mobile platforms.

How People Use Smartphone?

With nearly 2 billion active smartphone users worldwide, Mobile advertising solely depends on the way people use smartphones these days. With a number of different platforms and devices available all around the globe, it is highly essential for the advertisers or marketers to figure out which is the first and last app used by the majority of Smartphone users.

App Usage Daily Ranking

According to the Opera Media Works report, Social Media ranks as the first “app of the day” followed by Games, Entertainment and News/Information. However, most of the users prefer to rejoice themselves before going back to sleep as Entertainment is the last “app of the day” whereas Social Media is ranked 2nd as the last “app of the day”.

Being one of the most favoured apps throughout the day, it’s no wonder why Social Media comes out as the top traffic referrer for the advertisers. However, it is News/Information app that ranks the best in terms of loyalty throughout the day compared to other top app categories such as Entertainment, Social Media and Games.

Android vs iOS

Taking over the top spot from iOS as the top traffic and revenue-generating platform during the last quarter, Android manages to keep up the lead in Q2 2015 as the No.1 mobile OS platform in terms of both traffic and revenue generation. However, despite a sizable difference in traffic generated between Android and iOS the difference between both the platforms in revenue generation is just below 1%.

Traffic And Revenue Share by Mobile OS

Hence, in spite of lower traffic impressions, iOS platform beats Android in terms of monetization potential with iPad ranking on the top against all the other device and platform combinations by earning revenue share that is 4.41x times than its traffic share. Other platforms such as Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone also contributed in terms of traffic and revenue share, but their minuscule contribution hardly made any impact on the industry.

Given the fact that U.S. is the highest spender on Mobile ads compared to other countries as well as Apple claiming 41.3% of the overall Smartphone market in the country, it’s quite reasonable that iOS platform ensures high monetization potential compared to Android.

Mobile App Is Now More than Just a Necessity for the Brands

Although the United States stays on top as the highest spender, other countries from APAC region, Africa and the Middle East are also steadily extending their budgets for the mobile ad market. Countries like India, Indonesia, Russia and Mexico secure places in the top 5 alongside the United States as top spenders in Mobile Ad market. However, France and Colombia lost their places to Egypt and Republic of Korea from the top 25 countries when compared with the last quarter findings.

Region Wise Mobile Ad Market Share

It is evident that countries worldwide are embracing the future of the mobile world and constantly spending over the mobile ad market rather than missing out on a large market share. With the widespread usage of Smartphones in the world and great internet penetrability reaching every farthest corner of the world, people are getting more inclined towards mobile app than web.

Advertisers are taking a keen note of this transition by spending more towards mobile ad market rather than the web. Such a stride towards the mobile platform is, at the end of the day, bearing great results for the advertisers both in terms of impressions and revenue.

Global Share of App vs Web

In Q2 2015, where the web ad impressions contributed to just 44.06%, the mobile ad impressions recorded 55.94% of the total impressions which also resulted in a great return with 70.91% from the mobile ads compared to 29.09% revenue from the web based ones.


From these findings, it is quite clear that the advertising industry is on the verge of a big leap towards mobile. Advertising on traditional platforms have gone too passé with the evolution of the internet, however, the advertising market over the internet is not limited just on the web platform but it is now evolving over the mobile platform as well.

Also, the web platform is a stagnant platform which changes from On/Off mode every now and then whereas mobile platform remains active 24/7 as it goes everywhere with the user. Hence, the chances of getting better ROI increases over mobile platform rather than the web platform.

Hence, all the advertisers and marketers should realize the fact that, “Going Mobile Is The Future”.



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