Education app ideas for startups to revolutionise learning in 2023

The educational system is changing to address the classroom needs of teachers, students, and parents.

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The educational system is changing to address the classroom needs of teachers, students, and parents. Online learning platforms have existed for a while. But the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing revolutionized educational applications. Put differently, it gave them free publicity. Many stakeholders in the education industry are adopting tech ideas to keep up with the fast-growing digital world. Mobile learning applications make schooling more fun and engaging. It helps to identify classroom problems, aids interaction, flexible assignment completion and submission. If you’re considering a switch, check out the top educational app ideas that will make a massive difference in the lives of students and teachers.  

Facts about Education App ideas

The popularity of education applications is on the rise. According to Statista, the global e-learning market is projected to reach almost $400 billion by 2026. Of course, many studying applications are out there, and not all of them will make equal strides. This is why we have compiled a list of ideas that are anticipated to grow exponentially in the next few years.

Top 10 educational ideas for startups

Education is one of the largest and fast-growing sectors worldwide. If you are tech-savvy, you can build an application or custom services aimed at student education, thereby gaining publicity and revenue. Below is a list of the top profitable business ideas you can try in 2023:

Competitive exam app for college students

One of the hardest things to do as a student is to study for a competitive exam. Interestingly, it sums up why you are in school. A startup can choose to develop an educational app that provides access to complete course syllabuses, class topics and chapters. Not only this, but they also choose e-books, names of references, summaries, and school test questions. If you’re struggling with assignments and preparing for exams, you can hire a professional writer and ask, “do my essay at Papersowl “, which will save time and focus on other vital tasks. Primarily, your app will help students learn, study, and revise during the exam period. They can also connect with teachers and other students to discuss concepts and cover the essentials.


Language learning app

Many people want to learn a new language, whether for flex or education reasons. Duolingo is a perfect example of such software. It allows students to have fun through engaging games and exercises while they learn. Design an educational app that allows users to access their strengths and weaknesses. It should also track their progress and improvements and follow a routine. You can add a dictionary that will improve your writing skills, flashcards, and other cool features that improve functionality. 

A-R-based educational app

Augmented reality combines computer-generated and real-world content. It spans visual, auditory, olfactory, somatosensory, and haptic sensory modalities. Teachers can use A-R applications from top educational companies to modify the real-life environment by adding various sensory stimuli to make classes more fun and engaging. For example, if you want to lecture about the universe and solar system, students can learn using 3D vision that simulates every detail and makes them feel as if they are at the center of the action.

Question and answers, games and quizzes apps

A question and answer application is like a mobile textbook. Students can use it to create questions based on their understanding of artificial intelligence. One way to improve functionality is if the app can connect all-age groups of teachers and students worldwide on one platform. Like a web of interconnected chat rooms, everybody can post questions using texts, pictures, audio, and video and get answers. You can also add test, game, and quiz features to help them track their education and work on their deficiencies even while having fun.

Exam fever app

Another top application idea a company can explore is to create dedicated software that helps students revise for their exams. It will help them study and go over courses and chapters so they don’t miss anything. Depending on the design, it can even allow them to create a to-do list and checklist or connect with others in real-time via video or live chat.

Apps for handicapped and autistic kids

A unique app for handicapped kids allows them to learn and study from the comfort of their homes and at their pace. It bridges the gap between the children and their teachers and allows them to learn regularly without difficulty. You can include features that help them play, communicate, and learn daily living skills. An extension of the application can help parents with information on how to treat and handle children with autism and handicaps to make their learning the most positive.

Vocabulary and grammar apps

Vocabulary and grammar are central to language study. It helps students understand and express their ideas, especially when working on essays or research papers. On a broader scale, they need it for tests and examinations. There are puzzles, flashcards, word games, and quizzes that improve their vocabulary while ensuring that their study remains fun and simple. You can also include visualization tools, exams, and measures that help them track their growth and understand the contextual meanings behind every word.

Private tutoring app

A private tutor app connects students with experienced teachers across the country for virtual classes. Participants can interact with their tutors, ask for study materials, share notes, and ask for a review of their homework. Like two-way traffic, tutors can respond to questions, hold group discussions, video calls, quizzes, and more.

Student performance tracking app

A student progress tracking app is as useful for parents as it is for teachers. Parents or guardians can use the app to keep tabs on their kid’s or ward’s attendance, conduct, progress, and general development. Teachers can also use the app to stay in touch with the parents, provide updates on lectures and examinations, and carry out appraisals. The app eliminates the need for multiple applications since it provides necessary updates.

E-book learning apps

This type of app provides a single platform where users can easily read any book of their interest. Like kindle, they don’t need to carry books with them, as they are easily accessible anywhere and anytime through the app. If you want to improve functionality, offer audio reading or include features that allow them to prepare and highlight notes via the app.


Educational apps improve learning and interactions between kids, parents, and teachers. It also gives room for creativity. If you have the right software development team, you can build an easy-to-use and inexpensive educational app. All the apps we have mentioned above are capable of revolutionizing the education industry. We recommend you try your hands on the competitive exam application or custom writing services, but you are free to include different features and functionalities that encourage multi-functional usage.


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