Can You Tell What This Entrepreneur Does From Their Style?

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There are many types of entrepreneurs out there, and each approach comes with its own style and identity. So, can you tell what an entrepreneur does based on their style?

When we think about entrepreneurs, we often cast our minds to stylish suits and designer shades. After all, entrepreneurs are cool, and are constantly on the hustle looking for fresh market opportunities and niches to build into.

But this is a stereotypical view of an entrepreneur. After all, when you’re dedicating your life to constantly seeking revenue streams and acting on risky new ideas, it’s likely that you won’t always have time to look like a million dollars. 

That said, the modern entrepreneur comes in all shapes and sizes, and their style can say plenty about their approach to such a challenging role. With this in mind, let’s see if we can tell what an entrepreneur does from their style:

1. The Suited and Booted Professional

The suited and booted professional shows a strong commitment to brand awareness, and understands that every engagement is an opportunity. 

This type of entrepreneur is less hands-on and more likely to build talented teams to foster an idea while they network their way to advocacy and funding. 

Suited and booted entrepreneurs are identifiable by their commitment to wearing suits as their everyday uniform and ensuring that they have a look that’s ready for anything. Toeing the line between showy-offy and business chic, this entrepreneur wears fewer colors but can add expressive flourishes like a nice watch, necklace, or pocket square to ensure that the necessity of formality is upheld. 

For this professional, their industry is more likely to be tech-based, and any endeavor is more customer and client-facing. After all, if you have the look, you may as well market yourself accordingly. 

2. The Vibrant People-Person

The art of being a successful entrepreneur is all about people, and for the more vibrant professionals out there personability comes as second nature. 

For vibrant entrepreneurs, color and patterns are the perfect accompaniment in building an approachable style and personality. This type of entrepreneur is more likely to take an active role within their teams and to be present as an endeavor is built from the ground up. 

To add a sense of vibrancy to operations, this entrepreneur is more likely to wear contrasting colors. For women, styles like animal print, floral or graphic styles for handbags and shoes can add an eye-catching flair, while men could wear checked patterns and contrasting ties. Bright and marvelous sock colors are a staple with this type of entrepreneur. 

When it comes to what the vibrant entrepreneur does, their lively styles tell us that they run teams where employees can feel truly valued. Their natural type of industry will be more creative and office-based–perhaps focusing more on design and marketing. However, the vibrant professional can light up any industry, and their excellent people skills make them an asset no matter the sector. 

3. The Casual Mastermind

Carrying on the theme of approachability, the casual professional has fully embraced the age of the relaxed workplace environment. Here, comfort means productivity, and the casual mastermind is fully hands-on in their endeavor. 

Here, we’re thinking of Michael Burry, as played by Christian Bale in The Big Short. They’re entities that are so actively dedicated to their work, and so busy with their ideas and theories that formal wear would eat into time that could be better invested elsewhere. 

In terms of industry, this type of entrepreneur is likely to take on an active role in a complex line of work–possibly linked to big data, or computing. Their laid back demeanor is great to have around a workplace because employees can view them as one of the workforce first and foremost. 

4. The Designer Entrepreneur

The designer entrepreneur believes that it’s essential to look the part while walking the walk at the forefront of their business. This means that their wardrobe is their brand identity, and that wearing the best brands can help to show that their ambitions are being backed up by substance. 

To complete the look, it’s likely that the designer entrepreneur will be wearing fashion house shoes, and an eye-catching pair of Versace shades–albeit sourced at a cheap price to help retain focus in their endeavor. 

Designer entrepreneurs can hustle just as much as their more casual counterparts, but their look helps them to get results when it comes to matters of networking and building their own personal brand. After all, the best entrepreneurs know that their own charisma can help their companies to grow. 

The designer entrepreneur is most likely to operate in an industry that has a marketing foundation, and that can profit from a high quality social media presence

While there are certainly no rules as to how an entrepreneur should dress, their wardrobe can say a lot about their style, approachability, and hands-on nature. With this in mind, the modern entrepreneur can be a marketing machine of their own accord. Just so long as they can back their look up with a substantial business idea.


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