The Jaw-Dropping JioFiber Postpaid Plans Will Give Competitors Run For Their Money!

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As we reported last year, JioFiber Postpaid is finally here. Reliance Jio has announced that users can now avail JioFiber services on a post-payment basis from June 17. This could be another game-changer in the broadband internet segment by Reliance Jio which has already changed India’s telecom market equations in the last few years by introducing jaw-dropping plans.

After becoming India’s leading telecom provider in a record time, Reliance Jio has set its eyes on the broadband internet segment with blazing fast internet connectivity at a very competitive price.

Reliance Jiofiber Postpaid plans come with zero deposit and free installation for all users.

JioFiber Postpaid Plans: Big Picture

  • Reliance JioFiber Postpaid plan starts from Rs 399 per month.
  • Users have an option to opt for Rs 699 and Rs 999 plan as well for faster connectivity and additional benefits.
  • Customer will 30 Mbps speed with Rs 399 plans, 100 Mbps with Rs 699 plan and 150Mbps with Rs 999 JioFiber Postpaid plan.
  • Reliance has also confirmed that postpaid plans offering faster speed up to 1Gbps are also available for customers.
  • JioFiber PostPaid is available with aggressive 6 months and 12 months plans.
  • Zero deposit and installation charges
  • Users can also have a 4K Set Top Box at no extra cost. However, there will be a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,000 for it.
  • 15 OTT channels, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, will be available for free for users opting for Rs 999/month plan.
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • To signup for the JioFiber PostPaid plan users will have to visit Jio website from June 17, 2021.

JioFiber PrePaid Plans:

Currently, JioFiber PrePaid plans are available for all users across India who are willing to have a broadband connection from Reliance Jio. However, there is a refundable deposit of up to Rs 2,500 levied on every customer.

Those who go for a JioFiber Prepaid plan with a 4K Setup box have to pay Rs 2,500 while the rest pay Rs 1,500 as a refundable deposit.

JioFiber PrePaid plans also starts from Rs 399 onwards, offering 30 Mbps speed and unlimited data usage. For getting free access to OTT channels users will have to opt for Rs 999 or a higher prepaid plan.

The launch of JioFiber PostPaid Reliance has lowered the entry barrier for users. As a sizeable number of users remain hesitant to pay any upfront cost, JioFiber PostPaid is could be their first choice considering their monthly plans that are currently cheapest in the market.

Jio Is Giving Competitors A Run For Money

With the launch of JioFiber PostPaid plans Reliance will give competitors, like Airtel, ACT and Hathway, run for their money. In a bid to compete with the highly competitive prepaid plans from JioFiber, many competitors are already offering free installation and zero deposit schemes. However, now JioFiber joining that game as well, it’s going to be an uphill battle for them. It would be interesting to see what strategy other companies opt to keep their customers glued.


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