TrueCaller Adds Group Calling, Smart SMS Feature To Become Must-Have App Installed

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For many months in past, TrueCaller has been working on few awesome features that could enhance the productivity of users having the Truecaller app installed on their smartphone. Today, the company has announced three new features – Group Calling, Smart SMS and Inbox Cleaner – to make the app worthier for every user.

The new features of TrueCaller are the result of users’ feedback that the company paid close attention to. Truecaller group calling feature to allow users to have cross-border voice calls having multiple people joining the call. However, the company has paid close attention to pitfalls and trouble users have mentioned while using a similar feature offered by other apps and addressed the same to further augment the user experience.

Needless to mention that with increasing dependency on digital commutation users are actively looking for apps that could enhance their communication and help them manage their communication more effectively. The host of new features introduced by TrueCaller satisfies their requirements to a great extend and end their hunt for reliable apps when many apps are being launched with the sole purpose of tracking users’ behaviour or stealing users’ sensitive data.


TrueCaller Group Voice Calling

  • Truecaller app users can add up to 8 people in an ongoing voice call.
  • Unlike all other apps, Truecaller Group calling feature users need not save a person in the contact list first in an order to add him/her into an ongoing call. Any user can be added directly to the group call with his phone number.
  • TrueCaller will constantly screen every participating user in a group call and will notify if any spammer is being identified or added.
  • TrueCaller group calling feature also allows every user to see the city of every participating caller.
  • TrueCaller automatically maintains a log of group calling, making it easy for a caller to reinitiate the call with all participants.
  • A user can easily be removed from the group calling as well.

Truecaller Smart SMS

With the increasing promotional and transactional SMS every day, smartphone users are in a desperate need of an app that could auto segregate incoming SMS based on priority of attention. While there are many apps already available on Google Play and TrueCaller Smart SMS features goes a step further.

  • TrueCaller Smart SMS uses a powerful algorithm to identify Spam SMS.
  • Auto filtration, categorisation of SMS enhance users’ productivity by cutting the time he/she pays to every incoming SMS.
  • Auto reminders about recurring payments help users to avoid missing any important payment.
  • TrueCaller Smart SMS is currently available only to users in India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Truecaller users in the US, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt will soon receive the update.

Truecaller Inbox Cleaner

  • Helps smartphone users to delete all unattended, non-relevant and old SMS with a click of a button.
  • All old OTPs, Notifications and many other SMSs they no longer valid can easily be identified by Truecaller Inbox cleaner and get deleted.
  • Give flexibility to users to choose how many days old OTPs and Notification SMS they want to delete.
  • It runs in the background as users can do a one time setting like a standing instruction to banks and the app will continue to clean your Inbox, eventually freeing a lot of space on a smartphone.

Truecaller: Becoming More Valuable To Users

With the addition of the above features, Truecaller is slowly closing the gap between nice-to-have and need-to-have app. Beyond identifying caller, Truecaller has evolved significantly in the last few years.

Truecaller has 250 million active users worldwide. So far the app has blocked 31.5 billion spam calls helping users to save a significant amount of their productive time. In 2019, Truecaller blocked a whopping 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam messages in India.


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